Lords and Ladies of Camelot,

King Arthur is looking for the mightiest Knights in his land to compete in our Tournament of Might! Grow your Might and be the highest ranked Knight in your World! To win the Tournament, you must have the greatest positive increase in Might during the Tournament Period. Players will receive frequent updates on Leaderboard standings in the Event Center.

The Top 50 Players with the greatest positive increase in Might will win the following Prizes:

1st place - 2x Level 215 Mystic Training*+1x Blood Fury for the Winner, AND 1x Divine Inspiration for ALL Members of the Winner’s Alliance
2nd-5th place prize: 2x Blood Fury
6th-10th place prize: 1x Train with Arthur
11th-25th place prize: 5x Pendragon Mystery Chests
26th-50th place prize: 2x Pendragon Mystery Chests

The Tournament begins today July 16 at 10:30am US Pacific Time (17:30 Camelot Time) and ends July 16 at 2:30pm US Pacific Time (21:30 Camelot Time).

*Level 215 Mystic Training allows you to upgrade any Knight lower than 215 by 1 Level. After the event ends, come back to the Event Center to Claim your prize by July 19th.

NOTE: Alliance Members of the 1st Place Winner will receive their Divine Inspiration by the end of July 18th US Pacific. ALL Members must stay in the Alliance until the end of July 18th US Pacific to receive reward.