Lords and Ladies of Camelot,

King Arthur is pleased with your current efforts and the time has come to fight for your Kingdom and to prove yourself on the battlefield. A Crusade Troops Killed Tournament has been declared in order to find the mightiest Knights. King Arthur will measure you on the armies you defeat and he will reward the players who vanquish the most Might.

Here are the details:

Attack, defend, and kill as many enemy Troops as you can! We will calculate the Total Might of the Troops you kill in battle. Total Might killed consists not only of enemy Troops and Wall Defenses killed when you ATTACK, but also when you DEFEND.

How do I WIN?

The top 25 players who kill the most Might during the Event Period will win the following prizes:

1st Prize: 3x Mystic Trainings (Lv. 220) & 100x Crusade Tickets

2nd to 5th Prize: 2x Mystic Trainings (Lv. 220) & 50x Crusade Tickets

6th to 10th Prize: 1x Mystic Training (Lv. 220) & 25x Crusade Tickets

11th to 25th Prize: 10x Crusade Tickets

The Tournament begins today Saturday, June 29 at 5pm US Pacific Time (00:00 Camelot’s Time) and ends Sunday, June 30 at 5pm US Pacific Time (00:00 Camelot’s Time). Make sure to claim your prize in the Event Center after the Tournament has ended by July 3rd.

Good Luck!

***Important Rules: Any Players found to be using multiple accounts to participate in this Event can be disqualified. Any Players found to be leaving an Alliance and continue to work with that Alliance to increase their Troop Kill count can be disqualified.***