Lords and Ladies of Camelot,

Scouts have conducted some reconnaissance and have reported to us that there are THREE fearsome armies marching towards us from the Pictish territories sent by none other than Lord Drust himself. These fearsome Pictish armies are commanded by Taran, Eithne and Magus.

Luckily these enemies won’t be invading our lands at the same time, which will give you time to vanquish each Boss before the next one arrives. You will have 24 hours to defeat each Boss who will all arrive at different times. You will be ranked on the amount of Might Killed for each Boss separately. Here are the times that each Boss will show up starting on Friday June 14:

Taran: 12PM PST on Friday June 14

Eithne: 12PM PST on Saturday June 15

Magus: 12PM PST on Sunday June 16

The top 10 players with the greatest amount of Might Killed for each Boss will win the following Prizes:

1st Prize: 1x Blood Fury

2nd-5th Prize: 1x Train with Arthur

6th-10th Prize: 2x Train with Galahad

Note: You can participate in all three Boss Fights to qualify for multiple prizes.

*These Troops may be regenerated throughout the day.

The Tournament begins Friday, June 14th 12:00PM US Pacific Time and ends Thursday, June 16th 12:00PM US Pacific Time.

The Top Ranked players will be displayed on the Leaderboard in the Event Center. If you qualified for a prize, come back to the Event Center at the end of the event and claim your prize by Wednesday, June 19th.