Catapult Train-a-Thon!

Train as many Catapults as you can and you could win a Divine Inspiration!

Prizes per World:
1st Place - 1x Divine Inspiration
2nd Place - 1x Arthur’s Hourglass
3rd Place - 1x Morgana’s Hourglass
4th to 10th Place - 1x Guinevere’s Hourglass

The Tournament begins Tuesday, March 5h at 12:00PM US Pacific Time to Thursday, March 7th at 12:00PM US Pacific Time.

Note: Using Troop items will not count towards your troop totals. The Top Ranked players will be displayed on the Leaderboard in the Event Center. After the event ends, winners will have to return to the Event Center to redeem their prize by March 10th at 12PM US Pacific Time.

Good luck!