Lords and Ladies of Camelot,
3rd Live Chat with the Dev Team was a blast! We had a lot of fun and appreciated all the questions, feedback and suggestions! Thank you so much for participating!
As always you came with tons of great ideas that will help us in the ongoing process of making this game the best ever!

Just to mention a few:
- Second City
- Market Place and ability to trade items
- Various Chat improvements (Private Chat for Chancellors and VC, Private Chat for Friendly Alliances, etc)
- Improvement on the Bookmark System and Report System (Ability to Edit Bookmark, Different Colors for attack/defense reports)
- More than 1 building at a Time in the Queue
- Select a certain number of offensive units to defend vs the all or nothing approach
- Be able to click on alliance members name and transport without asking for coords.
- Banks in the City
- troop marching recall option
- Alliance members speed up build times
- A search alliance function or show what rank they are when looking round the map
and Tons More!
- 2nd City is “under construction” right now and it will be released with V5
- Market and Trading it’s in the plan, we’ll keep you posted on the timing
- Chat Improvements are also in the plan, it just takes time to implement them, Mute and Ignore will be in next release V4 soon to be launched
- Improvements in the bookmark and report system are high priority for us! Working on it!
- More than 1 building at a Time in the Queue we are thinking about ways to do it

We kept a log of all your ideas and we will work constantly on improving the game!

Also, we are close to launch V4 and many of the features and improvements that you will enjoy in this new release are directly inspired and based on your Feedback and Idea from our previous Live Chat with the Devs:
- New Battle Mechanics: more balanced and less punitive! (Click Here for Details)
- Click here and Like Us On Facebook an you’ll see the Info-Graphic of the new Battle System
- Chat - Added Ignore & Report function
- Chat - Join an Alliance by clicking on another player’s name!
- Alliance Chat supports Whispers!
- Map now displays graphics on cities that are under Beginner's Protection
… just to name a few!

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We have a the long list of great features we want to implement into the game and your suggestions are a great help!
thanks again for for participating to the Third Live Chat with the Dev Team,

We'll talk again soon!