Whoa! Hang on a second here!

Let me get this perfectly clear (as clear as the lack of response will be). People went nuts getting eggs and chocs, left with a load and they're now useless as you guys have mugged us off wit no trade ins. You guys instantly run a wheel then which the same gear turns up in, making any of that Easter event a utter waste of time. And bloody now your offering the gear at the end of the week as a gem deal tailored to each persons missing pieces!! Pieces we're missing because you were too tight to offer us a trade in for our original Easter items in the first place!! Are you joking? Do you wanna rinse that cloth a little tighter?? Sheesh.

Btw my case number is 23994, it's the Mail I sent you 5 days ago which you haven't even replied too, just send me an automated response, y'know something to make me think you've least opened the mail up, rubbish replys seem to be golden these days than just simply be ignored m'kay.