Inferno was another example of the rich get richer and the poor get scraps. Those of us who didn't get the jump right out of the gate were continually crushed. I strongly suspect if you didn't spend tons of gems, you never had a chance. The frustrating thing was not being able to get much over 1.5 million might. Someone would crush you with 150K T3 troops and a 600 or better knight.

When you have a two week event, you need to have a better support system. And actually read the tickets, not make wrong assumptions what they are about. (I waited 2-1/2 days for response to first ticket I filed and then it was a typical dodge response.) There were also some pretty strange glitches I haven't seen in regular worlds. And some people (including me) didn't get free 4th city? And we are supposed to compete on a fair field?

The holiday break was stupid. And I expected a complete break with PvP. What good is anything less. As it turned out, that break was just inconvenient in timing for me. Then an unannounced break in trophy comps one day before game over. That was stupid timing.

I like the idea of extra-curricular events. In theory, the hard-core PvP is good. Seems to me this should be done with no gems at all. Of course there is no profit to the company in that, but it would help give the rest of us a chance. Also, I think the hard-core PvP should use speeds like Grail Wars speeds (70% max would be good). The instant march speeds really kill those of us with less than ideal internet speed. This might be my number one biggest complaint - instant speed marches.

Time lags in resource and troop updating really hurt in hardcore PvP. Seemed like time-lags were exceptionally bad for healing and speed-up training (consistently more than 10 seconds). More than once I was trying to access my newly healed but hidden (by time-lag) troops and they got killed by a speed attack. Another reason that instant speed marches are bad in hardcore PvP.