Mighty Knight,
The Experimental World Bedivere23 will soon be converted into normal world! The New Game Engine we tested with your help will be turned off and this world will play exactly like all other worlds! We submitted Version 7 of Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North to Apple and as soon as the App is approved this World will become...real! The update will go live as soon as 24h but could take longer!

If you didn’t already, USE all the FREE GEMS you have been granted when you entered this World or you’ll lose them! All Purchased Gems WILL NOT disappear!
All the Progress you made in this World (Cities, Buildings, Might, Troops etc.) WILL NOT be erased! You can continue to play here and enjoy a jump start against the new players that will come! This world will never be converted back to experimental.

We want to THANK YOU for your help! We learned many things that will help us develop a better and more stable version of PHP game engine!

As a Token of Appreciation each and everyone of you have been granted:
- 5 Merlins Magical Tokens
- One 2.5h Speedup
- 40K of each Resource plus Gold!

Thank you!
The Battle for the North Team