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World 117 Issues and Lack of Support

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  • World 117 Issues and Lack of Support

    I have opened over 10 tickets and also have a complaint filed with the BBB. Several issue in play. 117 has become unfair in the hero and Knights. I have been in 117 since November-ish... Since about middle of December campaign chapter 4 was removed. Several players played and unlocked all hero from chapter 4. Giving them an unfair advantage over anyone new or unable to play chapter 4. Tristan very strong defense hero and attack hero that's unlocked in chapter 4. TK battles are unfair when u run into these heroes. With 3 extra heroes from chapter 4 you get 2-3 explores every 24 hours giving prizes. Another unfair advantage to new or players with out those heroes. Level of Knights climbed very fast, only 1 Merlin madness offered the 255 knight. Most have imperial and divine training but no 255 knight. Since then they have offered the wheel and Merlin with gear that can only be used on these *5 Knights. I have 3 divine trainings and 11 imperial training but can't use any of them or the gear that would go for them. We have had TK battles in which many can't play. And they are ultimately walking away from this game. I battled someone with 1246% 3 heroes at 100 when best I can do is around 600%. I have spent plenty of money and time on this game. I started in 71 over 2 years ago. Many of my tickets I opened I have been told chapter 4 there, that I need to delete the game reload. I have been told it's a known issue and the game team working on it. It's a 4 month issue now and there been 100 of contest and 1-2 updates still no chapter 4 and players are getting farther and farther behind. Kabam as shown they don't care, opening a tickets proven that. Offering " I understand your frustration, here some might" doesn't cut it. Customers pay Kabam bills with out us there would be no kabam. How ease that has been forgotten. I want results or I want my money back. 2-3 years ago this was the top game in iOS, Kabam customer service and game teams destroyed a good game. I would rather handle issues over a ticket, but CS keeps telling me to come here! And I'm sure this post will be short lived or never make it on the forum

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    Greetings Enforcer117,

    You bring up some valid concerns and we will speak to the development team about updating worlds 116, 117, and 118 to the current Campaign on older worlds as soon as possible. This will open up Chapter 4 as well as updating the gear drops and knight trainings just to name a few of the changes. We also have a week long Quest Badge turn in planned for 1x Mystic Training (Lv255) for 25 Quest Badges starting on April 13th at 20:00 UTC so this should also help out with the lack of Level 255 trainings that you are experiencing on your world.


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      Holy Cow! I'm not sure what to say. I have complained thru tickets for 3 months. I posted something on here and with in hours campaign chapter 4 back. Could be a couple things... It was already in the works to be placed back yesterday or customer service tickets are worthless and are only there to push thing under a rug. Which is a huge disservice to customers. And with everything that's happened I'm guessing tickets in Kabam system never see a programming or game teams inbox.

      So chapter 4 back, but at levels that are extremely high for our world and a fraction of what was there 3 months ago. 1st level 139 million in a world the average player as 1.7 million might. And that's just level 1, last level going to be in the billions. So what's the point of adding chapter 4 on level of world with average might is a billion. You added but basically made it impossible for MOST to play it. Kabam continue to force players out by doing things like this. Why not bring chapter 4 back on at LEAST the same level everyone else in the world had 3 months ago. Most are already behind by 3 months and some have Tristan at level 100. When some have not even had the chance to unlock him. No amount of gems could unlock him.
      Back to the gear, if your a new player you get offered firestorm gear and a bunch of renowns for 240 gems purchase. I have to spin a wheel or Merlin madness for a chance at them. When new players can spend $20 and get the gear. I was offered 480 gems for the price of 240 gems. Some offered 3200 for the price of 1600. Why is the playing field not level? Why do new players get offers on thing I take a chance on winning. I almost wish for the start of a new world where everyone even. But I know with in months Kabam will start making it un even.
      After playing world 71 pre merge it was a slower pace of progression. 117 We never saw crusade, lionheart or Celtic gear. What's the hurry? Kabam should just remove chapter 4 again it's not worth losing all might when Kabam as Grail games coming. Which seems other world are able to play already. Issue should have been fixed in January when most started complaining about the issue. Its sad for chancellor to try and run an alliance when Kabam keeps running players off. I'm not sure how Kabam run. it's pretty obvious in KOC it's not being run very well, and costing Kabam revenue. I for one done spending a dime for a produce/service that doesn't respect its customers.


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        Not only did they make chapter 4 so everyone is losing might, they made the other chapters harder to. now everyone is losing might just to level up heroes they already had. and people are talking about quitting because they can't even compete in campaign anymore. Ridiculous to make it so much harder to level up heros. Now, if u get thru chapter 4, u still have to level up your tristan and it takes beating a level at 1.22 billion might to do so. If u want to level up your pal, it takes beating 129 mil mighter to do so and if you don't gem in 117, you can't do this cause gear is so hard to come by.

        I've seen players ... only 2, with full firestorm gear and I'm stuck with winter gear. If you know anything about gear, these 2 players wipe the floor w me. I can't defend or attack. Purg gear guys wipe the floor w me cause they are allowed to lv up heros to max, including those who had tristan already, and so good luck beating them. Me, I have to work for a living so I don't have time to play multiple worlds... or multiple games. I told customer service about the injustice going on in 117 and the inability for, not only myself, but a great deal of guys I support by being chancy of a top alliance... and I get "I'm sorry u feel this way, here's some doves." Um... doves don't do me any good... I don't open because I can't tk and I don't need to hold resources because what's the point of building troops if I can't tk? This is how most of my alliance feels. Trying to keep moral up is impossible.

        I have asked my alliance to not spend their troops on campaign because grail wars is coming... and we r a bit blind as to what that means.... new to everyone.... but why should we sit and support a game that doesn't support us? It's gotten to the point where everyone is so fed up, they r ready to leave accounts and a game they have played for years. Literally, years.

        Great, chapter 4 is here.... now good luck beating it. And good luck beating the other chapters and good luck w ur non gemmed gear and good luck w ur heros u can't level anymore.

        Nicely played, kabam. 117 will official die after this.


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          Originally posted by Rukkirii View Post
          Greetings Enforcer117,

          You bring up some valid concerns and we will speak to the development team about updating worlds 116, 117, and 118 to the current Campaign on older worlds as soon as possible. This will open up Chapter 4 as well as updating the gear drops and knight trainings just to name a few of the changes. We also have a week long Quest Badge turn in planned for 1x Mystic Training (Lv255) for 25 Quest Badges starting on April 13th at 20:00 UTC so this should also help out with the lack of Level 255 trainings that you are experiencing on your world.
          The way this was done - with huge increases in campaign might - sounds more like punishment for complaining than a good-faith response.
          Those who got Tristan early in the game did so with much easier effort.
          Worlds 116 and 117 have suffered from from poor game support. We had no campaign rewards at all for about 1 whole month while the developer did nothing. Sometime earlier in the game history the developer changed Exploring rewards so that Renowned in Troop drop rate was reduced by about a factor of 10 or 20. In the one other world I play which is older the Renowned drop rate is at the same higher level as before the change in 117. Both of these changes are a huge disadvantage to newer players. World 117 was also slow to receive the embedding function.
          Also Mystic 255's are a poor substitute for Grail 255's. At 25 Quest badges each that means it will take a lot more than a week to go from 235 to 255.

          Please don't punish the rest of us in Kay117. The new might requirements for campaigning mean that most of us will not be able to attain decent campaigning for months. I don't see how any but a handful can take on chapter 4 and most of us will have trouble with the better parts of chapter 3.


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            To add other issue... New member joined the world and was offered firestorm gear and 50k t5, 20 gold hero medal and 1 celestial guidance (l70) for a purchase of 100 gems. Yet I spend 240 gems at a chance of winning firestorm gear. Should be a level playing field everyone should be offered those specials. If anything new members should be offered all cities and a bunch of rss for a purchase of 240 gems or so


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              Support is worse than a joke. I still submit tickets but only get the automated response and never any reply when I follow it up. Why not sack them and put more resources into game development - given all the bugs and errors recently they could use some help


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                We would be happy to change chapters 1 through 3 back to what they previously were but this would also change back to the original drops. Is this what everyone would prefer?

                We will keep Chapter 4 available regardless of any changes to chapters 1-3. Chapter 4 is the top PvE content currently ingame so it is intended to be very difficult at first and will slowly become easier as your knights and heroes reach their top levels, higher tier gear is obtained and upgraded, and more troops are accumulated. If you keep this in mind, Chapter 4 will become a goal to reach instead of an impossible task.


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                  I want to know why chapter 4 was taken away. Kabam basically screwed everyone that came in after chapter 4 was removed. I know I'm not to only one that open ticket after ticket on the issue. Kabam as no issue taken people money, but refuse to fix issues. There is a reason Kabam has over 1100 complaints filed with the better businesses bureau in the last 3 months. There are so many things Kabam creating that's not level DAILY. Again another Merlin Madness giving gear for level 260 Knights but no 260 Knights. Why am I going to waste more money on something I can't use. And you tell me they are offering on April 13 could be just like all the other empty Kabam promises. 117 not asking for nothing that someone was never offered or never got. We want even playing field. All the no gemmer have no chance at chapter 4. Why not lower chapter 4 and only offer heroes and resource for a month allowing all players a shot at Tristan. I'm at the end of my rope with this game. 2 years and 2 grand and it's seems it's all wasted. My money going to supercell, till Kabam can figure out customers make them. I want campaign back to where it was in December before Kabam decided to screw so many customers