I have 1 Gold coin in my inventory...I'm farming and a battle rep shows I got 10 gold coins......so I hit again and get another 10....I decide to fill my boots......I hit the player another 6 times (to get the daily quota) and each time the Bat Rep shows I got 10 Gold coins.....Lovely.......Then I check my inventory but it only shows 31 Gold coins.....WTH......I hit the player another 5/6 times each time the Bat rep shows I got 10 Gold coins but my inventory only shows 31 gold coins(I have re booted the game) I have now hit the player about 20/30 times (Way over quota) and every Bat rep still shows me winning 10 Gold coins...but they never show.

The Beijing Nerf Squad strikes again

Feel free to look at my Bat Reps