Problem; Since some time this morning or yesterday night my game has been continually crashing. "Fatal Error! Your pardon, please press OK to restart game." Over and over and over and over and over. Sometimes it loads and I am able to play for 30seconds-minute but it will shortly crash thereafter. I cannot submit a ticket through the game because I cannot get it to run long enough to get it done.

Ingame name: Mas0n
System: Iphone 4s
Connection: Very Strong Wifi Signal- I have also attempted playing with wifi turned off and a good 4G signal to no avail.
Location; San Angelo, Texas (I saw that many other people having this problem are in Texas)
Additional Details; I can confirm that (this time around, unlike a few days ago) the crashing is only happening to myself or at least not everybody on my server. I was able to deduce this because I was able to chat through an outside forum my alliance uses. It is NOT a connection problem. I know this because none of the other applications on my phone that require internet access are having issues.
Attempted Fixes; Refreshing the App (through game menu as well as double tapping the home button, holding KOC icon, pressin minus button.), Playing with and without Wifi, Turning on and off my phone.

In Short- I have tried everything I could think of, other than deleting the application. I have also tried every single suggested fix I could find on the internet. Nothing has worked.

Additional Personal Info:
I have bought over $650 worth of gems and am not benefiting from their purchase as long as I am unable to play the game. This is the second time in a week I have been consistently unable to play the game, however last time the entire server was crashing over and over. Now I will say what everybody else is saying- I am incredibly frustrated. Very very very very frustrated. I have not yet given a rating to the game in the itunes store but if I did at this moment it would not be a good one. Should I be able to get the game to work again I WILL NOT BUY ANY MORE GEMS. I will not recommend this game to friends. If asked about this game I will be brutally honest and say "it's great- when you can get it to work." If asked whether others should spend money to better their game accounts I will most definately tell them no. I'll expect one of the 'I am sorry you are frustrated. The engineers are working diligently to come up with a fix for this problem.' responses. Maybe. What I would really really like is for this game to work. That or a refund- which I am currently in the process of trying to recieve. I understand (now, after I spent $650) that the game is beta. It would have been nice to know that beforehand without having to read through 20 pages of fine print. I feel as though I have been decieved or duped.

I am now doing a long test staying connected to Wi-Fi in an attempt to see if it might be my cellular service. So far it's looking like my cell service is the culprit but I'm only 10 minutes in. I will update after another hour or two.