I was at 15.2m might last Sunday, and spent $800 in gems to go from 15.2m might to 40m might. I was even the 1st place winner on the might tourny, and went up 6.1m during the 48hr contest. It says I only gained 8.6m for the week. I went up 25 m might! My bud also has over 20m troop kills and it only reports 2m!! The totals for might gained and troop kills are wrong. Probably since the leader board only reset twice since weds! Between me and my buddy who didn't get our might gained/troop kills we spend over $3000 a month on gems. Kabam we give you thousands of dollars. I've personally spent $6200 on gems since April, can you fix the leader board totals for the week to make up for the resets not taking place?