I'm sure we've all dealt with KaBam's glitches before, but recently it appears the frequency has increased! Within the past two weeks I have experienced:

1. Attack wilds for speed-up chest: attacked 200 wilds and still no rewards. Why bother doing these events if people don't get rewards for participating?? Where can I get the last couple of hours of my life back??

2. "Appreciation" badges: we all should be getting one every day and supposedly if we save them all we can get a chest of goodies at the end. Only thing is...no matter if you log in every day or not you won't have enough badges because you don't get one every day, even when you log in.

3. Flash Might Tourney: So I build a bit of might and have been on the ranks list since it began. I log in several times a day and keep track so I can win some Train Withs. So I log in for the fourth time today, the event is over....and although my might build is adequate enough to win a prize....I am notified that I have not won anything! Again...what's the point?

Soooooooo tired of following instructions in hopes of winning something that is clearly stated will be given out to winners, and then not ever getting the reward. How hard can it be? And if the programming can't handle the reward hand out, then the competition needs to be on hold until it can. It's getting ridiculous. Kabam, you make 86,000 dollars Each Day from Each of your games. Please use those resources to ensure people get what they have worked for in game!

Galenthria. Gawain102