Enough is enough!! I have place multiple tickets to recifiy a password reset issue that has not be resolved yet. It started out with an issue on my iPhone. I used the help feature that said to uninstall and reinstall. So I do that and go through the tutorial and then try to login with my kabam ID. I get user id and password incorrect. Now I know both my id and password, not hard to forget since I wrote them down. So now I try the password reset feature. I check my email account and no email from kabam. I add @kabam.com to my safe list, still no email. I then submit a trouble ticket. I get a response back from them saying check this and that, but it is a canned automated email. At the bottom of the email it say if you still experience the issue reply to this email. So i reply and get another canned email. This started backed on the 23rd of march and is still continuing. please help.