Okay, I am getting really upset about the fact that I have been doing the daily task for Thanksgiving but I have not received any of the prizes that were promised. I logged in on Thursday and did not get the Fertile Winds. I ascended a city to the Fey Faction yesterday, and have not received the Horn of Bounty. Kabam did you lie to us? Or are you behind on sending out the prizes to all domains?

Really right now I am thinking that you lied to us when Kabam_Baron posted this.

We’re gearing up for Thanksgiving and we want you to join us. All weekend long, starting Thursday 11/22 to Sunday 11/25 we’ll be offering up some fine prizes for those players that log in and complete the daily task. Prizes will be awarded the following day.

To be eligible to earn the prize of the day you must log in and complete the task. Please see the schedule below for a list of each day’s task:

Thanksgiving Thursday:
Players who log In at any time on Thursday 11/22 (Thanksgiving Day) will receive 1 Fertile Winds item. The Fertile Winds Item adds 20% of your population limit or 100 population, whichever is higher.

Fey Faction Friday:
Players that log in on Friday 11/23 and Ascend or Switch a City to the Fey faction will receive a Horn of Bounty. The Horn of Bounty Item Reduces Food Upkeep from Troops by 50% for 24 hours. Remember, you have to either Ascend a City to the Fey Faction or switch a Druid Ascended City to Fey to qualify.

Sack-a-Wild Saturday:
Players that log in on Saturday 11/24 and Attack a level 5+ Lake or Grassland will receive 10x 100,000 Food Items! We want to ensure everyone stays good and fed during the Thanksgiving weekend, so go on attack your wilds to earn yourself some extra food!

Sunday Slaughter:
What better way to end the holiday weekend with a good old-fashioned slaughter? Players that log in on Sunday 11/25 and Train 5 of the new Fey Executioner troops will receive 1 Horn of Samhain. Each Horn of Samhain reduces Food Upkeep from troops by 50% for 7 Days! Log in and train Fey Executioners to keep your Thanksgiving Celebrations going a week longer.

We look forward to everyone's participation in this event. On behalf of the entire Kingdoms of Camelot team, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays moving forward.

Lady Ravensange
Caval378 Domain