When you send a L5 or greater knight to an alliance member as reign, the knight that defends seems to be random. To get around this, you have to either send ALL L5 or higher knights out of the city or assign them to positions (other than marshal) in order to have the reigned knight defend.

Why doesn't the game recognize the differences between sainted knights? I just sent my best L15 knight to defend a members city and a L5 naked knight ended up defending (he lost millions of might to this). My knight was in the city at the time (the heroes defended fine), so there is no reason that a L5 naked knight should defend over a L15 with maxed gear. It looks like the game is rating sainted knights as level 5-15, not 260-275 which it should.

This most recently happened again in grail wars, however the player I sent the L15 knight to used a L225 knight as marshal (The naked L225 knight defended). You can't expect us to leave a city unmarshalled in order to hopefully have the correct reigned knight defend. I've seen millions of troops lost over this bug and whats more astonishing is that we have passed several updates since you introduced sainted knights with absolutely no effort made to address this. (ref report 1430521465)

At this time, the reign system is broken and needs to be looked at. L5 and above knights need their appropriate level and stats used to determine who defends when you have reign in your city, not the current setup, which seems to use a random knight to defend rather than the best stats. (in GW it seems to be worse because a naked L225 defended in that case instead of the L15 that was in the city as evidenced by the heroes and troops in the report who were sent with the L15 knight)

I would encourage you to actually do this test yourself so that you can see how devastating this can be. Send a few L15 knights to a city and look for yourself which ones defend, I think you will see that a different one will defend each attack and it's never the best one, it's always an attack knight or naked knight that defends. Clearly the game treats these knights as L1-15, not L260-275 as it should.

Again, this is an issue that your support team does not seem to understand enough to pass on to the programmers as I have submitted several reports on this since the L5 was introduced.