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    Shooting Stars beginners guide.

    Realize that this is a game. It is not worth losing sleep over. You will lose battles and be zeroed (lose all your might). The beauty of this game is that you never lose. Your cities are forever.

    Your contributions.

    Stars needs everyone to build your might as quickly as possible, and during war contribute your troops as directed by the leadership. Most members join Stars as T2 (2 star) players. These members can only build T1 and T2 units and wagons. We hope to build you up to T3 players where you can field 60,000 to 90,000 troops at once.

    BASICS - Economics!!!

    Build the economy first. The key to this game is fast generation of resources which builds troops fast which defeats opponents. You can't build troops fast without resources to build with. We stand on our collective economy.

    Focus on technologies for the economy and defense building. Don’t spend on T2 troops untill your wall defenses are built up. Level up the walls and max out the defensive units.

    Upgrade the castle, put down as many resource generators as possible, (farm, sawmill, quarry, mine)

    Take level 4 or 5 wilds to increase resource production. Don't take higher ones till you are a T3 player. Two level 5 wilds will equal a level 10 wild and they are much easier to take.

    Build up only one knight to the highest level possible. Assign this knight as Steward all the time except when upgrading buildings or building troops. When finished queuing buildings or troops, always reassign this knight back to steward. Don’t forget this!

    Build 8 to 10 barracks and only upgrade one of them. Reassign the high knight to Marshal to build troops. then reassign him back to steward as soon as you finish filling your queue.

    Keep the research and building going at all times, there should always be a red (2) over Building. If given a choice between resource technologies or Ware technologies. Chose the resource. Build up all technologies one level at a time then advance.

    Keep both defense and troop building at all times, there should always be a red (2) over Train.

    Manage the recourses, so you are always building. Go on chat and ask for more if you need, that is what the alliance is for, to build you up. You may need to trade for some. Farming is another method. We'll talk this later.

    Build ONLY MM (militia) and archers. Build up 4000 each. Then lots of wagons. 5-6 hundred. When you are up at higher levels, then you start on T2 ( swordsman, cavalry, and Ballistae). Build in the ratio of 2 units of T1 to 1 unit of T2.

    Keep the T1 wall defenses building equally. Each of the three basic wall mounted units takes out a specific opponent. Build the Trebs for might numbers. Level up the walls to hold more.


    If your economy is working properly, you will be able to send excess resources to our members in need. Increase the level of the relief station and mapping to move these resources faster.

    If you are high enough, use only wagons to transport as they are the fastest unit in the game. They hold more and are cheaper. Sending any other unit with wagons slows them down. Only send wagons.

    Always verify what you are transporting and who you are transporting to. I use the world map to transport. I check the city to make sure it is the person I want to send to.


    Farming is where you attack smaller players to rob their resources, fun, but can be risky. The trick is to find out what they have so you send the right force.

    I personally avoid any player with an alliance unless it's an alliance of one (which is himself). This saves future problems with an alliance should they grow.

    If the Farm city has zero might, send only a knight and wagons, there is no resistance.

    Look for stone walls on the world map, it means the city at one time was built up and may now be abandoned.

    If the city has any might, you must find out what are the defenses. Usually there is no wall defense. You could scout the city, but the game only allows you to scout one city at a time. To get around this, level up your rally point and attack the city with 1 knight and 1 light cavalry. the higher level rally points lets you have more simultaneous attacks like this. The report that comes back will tell you more than a scouting report about the defenses and is accurate. If the 1 cavalry is victorious, send in a knight and wagons, there is no wall defense. If the 1 is defeated, you didn't lose much and the report tells you exactly what the defenses are so you can chose whether or not to send a larger force.


    Never, absolutely never give out your coordinates (x and y) in open chat or the coordinates of any alliance member, there are spies watching.

    Use chat to build relationships and ask questions. Keep informed, keep learning through chat. Your relationships in this game are important to survival.


    When war breaks out, and it will, then keep focused on Chat and the messages from the leaders.

    The leaders will set the opposing alliance to Hostile. That will make them visible on the world map with red flags. Look around your area and report these coordinates in the subject line of messages to the leaders, sometimes it is ok in chat, but it will usually get lost there.

    Build as many MM (militia) and archers as possible, larger players will have the ability to make several thousand troops per hour, smaller players can send only one thousand every 4 or 5 hours. That is ok, build what you can and follow the leaders directions to them to their target. Use the world map to locate the target, You don't want to hit a level 10 mountain and lose all for nothing.

    Smaller players can also help by taking wilds away from the opponent. Most wilds possessed by players have no troops in them. They are easy to take. You can take these in two ways. Take the wild for yourself, then recall your troops, or take the wild, recall the troops and abandon the wild. This tactic is called catch and release. It is especially useful as it forces the opponent to lose troops (and might) retaking them. If you keep the wild, then the opponent can easily retake them. It only makes sense to keep them when the opponent ports (moves his city to a different coordinate). I've gotten a few good wilds this way.

    Keep your wilds as far away from you as possible. It make it more difficult for the enemy to find them and if they do find one, it makes it harder for them to find your city.

    Keep your troops hidden, they are expensive to build and it is better to use them up under the direction of the leader than to lose them in an attack.

    Level up your store house as high as possible. A level 5 store house keeps 500K of each resource safe even when the city is defeated. The only thing not protected is gold. The alliance can replenish that.

    If you happen to be online when you are being the attacked. Quickly transport your gold and resources to someone else. Keep a set or cords available and check the world map before you send it as they may have ported. Send all the gold, and then any excess amount over the level of your storehouse that can be kept. It is better to send off stone, ore, and wood than food.

    Keep building your resources and technologies even through the war. Resources drive the engine of troops which ultimately defeats the opponent.


    Porting is a bit more advanced tactic where you move your city to another x , y coordinate on the map, there is random port called “Point of Refuge” and there is specific point port called “Point of Order”. This is a tactic to use when you are much larger and have a huge amount of might in the walls to preserve. I use the random, it’s cheaper, we often win them in the daily draw, and really doesn't matter where you port to in a province. Don't port to a populated area of the map, spend some time before the war learning the map and where things are. In this game it seems the far eastern side of the map fills up last. So learn the provinces of those as you will need to know those when you use a random port.

    You cannot port when you have any marches in progress, if you need to port, speed them up or wait, and hope for the best.

    Port only when your city is being constantly attacked and cannot save the resources to build. There is no defense when the opponent has focused their attacks on you, they will break the walls. Just port. They will not be able to find you again for a while if you did your homework.

    The point port can be used, but is more expensive and also can be won in the daily draw. These are better used as an offensive weapon when you are much bigger, so save these. We’ll write an advanced tactic using these later.

    If you can't port, then as above, ship all your resources out and hide your armies.

    As you grow to 1 million might there are more tactics to know, these will come as you watch chat and interact with other players. We’ll write more as we get time, remember this is for fun….

    Work to open up the T3 units. It takes time, but that is your goal. Build might, Level up. Get to a point to where you could go from zero to 1 million might in one day and field 60,000 troops to fight with.


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      Added under BASICS

      The Economic Technologies are : Fertilizer, Logging, Stoneworking, Smelting, Magical Mapping, Shrinking Powder, Giant's Strength,

      The Military Technologies are : Geometry, Eagle Eyes, Poisoned Edge, Metal Alloys, Featherweight Powder, Fletching, Healing Potions

      Research the technologies equally. If you have to choice, choose economic first. It is better to favor econonic and let the military lag behind. If you do, keep advancing Eagle Eyes as this is very useful.

      Added under WAR:

      Use up your resources as quickly as you can. Especially when you are not playing the game, ( we all study, work or something else like sleep) queue up all your resources in Research, Buildings, Wall defense and troop builds.

      This is also the case when you are being attacked, use up those resources then ship out your excess resourcess.

      Keep those resources low as that will use those resources for your good and not the opponent's should your city be attacked.

      When you scout a city, the scouted city does not know your coordinates,

      When you attack a city, the report they get will give your coordinates, so be prepared for a counter attack.