Looking to Join a Top 4 alliance in 67 that is growing fast and moving up the charts? We'd love to chat with you and by the time we do, we'll most likely be #3! We're not improving rank with larger membership but instead it's being done with some good ole fashioned might training and tks hunting of those above us.

Especially intriguing to us: Do you live in the UK or Europe?

If so, drop me--BreachdProtocol-- or our Chancellor, CPhearson, a line in KoC; we'd love to consider you for the alliance and for a leadership position to help provide managerial coverage during off hours for the US. You won't be the only European in the crew but we're so happy with the advantage our European members are giving us that we'd love to have more!

We don't tolerate wild flipping but that's just about the only rule. Whether you're a Hugger or a TK seeker, you'll be equally welcomed and embraced as long as you're actively looking for some fun with a tight knit group that is from all over the world and that has developed into a digital, KoC family!