arena contests are requiring too much might to qualify for any decent rewards. I have spent my share of money, I have a decent deck ( better than you can farm by killing city bosses) and yet arenas are almost impossible. The new trend is to give out potions and tickets to players until you reach at least 5000 might and other arenas like the weekly green knight only gave cards to top 3 players....everyone else gets tickets and potions. Who really cares about potions? They don't help me get better cards. Where are the weekly arenas that hat top prizes at 5000 might so most decent players could obtain them? The way arenas are structured...the best players keep getting powerful cards and mid level players get nothing? What is the incentive to play?

The same player or same 5 players win every those same players get the cards and the other players keep getting more pots and tickets....greT I have 10k tickets and over 1k of both potions....but never get new cards because I can't get to 25000 might in a weekly or 8000 might in a flash arena.

Arenas have become worthless.

Kabam should consider running arenas with decent cards that are obtainable...leave the top cards where they are...but add in cards at lower might levels so mid level players have something to play for.