Dear GM's.

I'd like to make 2 suggestions:

1. It would be nice to be able to sell cards from vault, instead of having to collect them & then sell them by dragging every single card to the sales part... this costs a lot of time, so it would be nicer if the vault would include a sales button, so you could click the card, click the sales button & choose how many you want to sale (like you have with collect now)

2. Autosale option:
The idea here would be to add something to Grail Knights, for example GK level 8 and higher can choose what they do with cards:
1. Receive to vault
2. Automatically sell the card
3. Possible other options for the future...

The user can then create a rule for the cards.
Possible options are:
A. Make an option for every single card (which would take a lot of time to set up for the user, but that is his own choice)
B. Make the options for certain degree cards (depending on the stars)
C. Make exceptions available depending on levels
D. Make options available depending on certain combo's
E. Make options available depending on the skill type

An example could be that the user puts the following rules on his receive-options:
1A. Automatically sell all cards of:
1: 1*
2: 2*
3: 3*
4: 4*
1B. Automatically receive all cards to vault of:
1: 5*
2: 6*

Then additional settings:
- Ignore option(s): '1A: 4' FOR cards equal or above level: 40
- Ignore option(s): '1A: 1', '1A: 2', '1A: 3', '1A: 4' FOR cards part of the following combo's:
* Elemental Fury
* Druid Elite
- Ignore option(s): '1A: 4' FOR cards with skilltype: Healing
- Ignore option(s): '1B: 5' FOR cards with skillstype: Raise Attack
- Ignore Rule for The following Cards:
* Bourgard
* Galahad The Pure

The above settings would mean that the user will sell all cards of 4 stars and lower, except for lvl 40 4* cards, cards part in a certain combo and 4* cards with healing skills. It will also keep Bourgard.
The settings will also keep all 5 & 6* cards, except for 5* cards with Raise attack option, or Galahad The Pure, these will be sold.

This is a pure example, people can choose how far they go of course, it would also be possible to make an easier rule set: for example: sell all 3* cards and lower, keep all 4* cards and higher.