I have a suggestion that I think would really help the game.

I believe that it would benefit all players if Kabam were to make an update to the structuring of the Guilds. Not only would the guild masters enjoy a bit more flexibility, but the members could greatly benefit.

My suggestion is that we add a new guild rank with only privileges to initiate raids. No ability to kick or invite people, or make any other changes. I think 2 slots for this would be sufficient.

Currently we use officers, in my guild, to try and have raids available at different times. However, Officer is also a prestige rank and symbolizes that the player holding it has paid their dues and is a respected authority in the guild. As such, the officers in my guild are mostly active at the same times. Because we have almost all been in it since we were a scrappy noob guild (currently rank 7 and always top 4 weekly might, occasionally top 2.) It seemed appropriate to give these longstanding members the title. We've even had some graciously step down to appoint others who could better fill the needs of those new members in various far flung corners of the earth.

I understand that having 8-12 officers is a silly request, so I feel like adding 2-3 slots to be "raid masters" who can open raids, and nothing more, would be a reasonable request. This would help guilds that are transitioning from small to large, immensely.

Thank you for hearing my request.