I personally think the chest sales are nice. But 8 have used 100 ' of them and not once received the grand prize you can get. For example merlin chest says u can win up to 100 potions or 100 summoning stones. Not once have I gotten that prize . Also the multi day chest where you receive a prize every day for 4,5, or 8 days I don't think it right if you unable to play one day due to work family or other reasons that u should not receive that prize for that day. Several times I bought multi day chest and missed a day and shows me what I would have got if I had played that but dosent give it to me. Because of that I no longer buy those chest . I feel like the player gets cheated out a prize they should receive they spent money to. UT the chest. So why not increase the chances of getting the top prize and to where u get all prizes from multi day chest even if u miss a day.