I know the luck of a drop is part of the fun...but only fun when you get one. I have a decent deck, have payed money to improve my deck...but battling the bosses of most events is pointless. Some people get a drop after fighting boss on Hard after 10 battles, while others don't get any drops after 30 battles. Its both highly addictive and highly dissappointing, just depends on what side of the Luck you are. What I propose is that you put out an event that has set drop rates. Say after killing the boss 15 times you get a drop guaranteed. Another after 30...then maybe 60.

This would keep people like myself interested longer, but when I am spending 5-10 Mana potions per kill of an event boss and I get nothing from the kill....its pretty hard to come back for more...knowing its still completely random.

I understand the strong decks / players will get more, but by setting a set drop rate you can give lower level / lower power decks a chance at getting 1 or 2.

Great game otherwise.