So i've gotten up to two 7k gem packs at once for a total of 14000 gems. I attempted to get a specific 7* card via some event booster. Out of those 14000 gems i didn't get a single 7* card. i believe the pack cost 79 gems per attempt so i went through 177 attempts and got NOTHING. So now i will never spend money on Gaea again. Unless....

1. Update the Gem purchase packages! At 20$ NOBODY not even new players would need a "Shadow Alley Swindler". For 20$ that should be a vambrael. Starting at 50$ it should be a 7* that's fairly easy to aquire like a Pendragon. at 100$ It should be something like a blighted arial. You'll suddenly see certain players buying the 100$ packages just for those cards.

2. Triple the drop rate of all existing 6* and 7* permanently, With premium/new cards at double. Even with this boost in drop rate people probably couldn't max out most of these cards for quite some time. Players will be telling their friends how awesome this event pack was, and how they spent 30$ and managed to get 2-3 7* cards. Everyone would be rushing to get the cards that suddenly are dropping more often. But not often enough that they could keep up with the new cards coming out.

3. Get rid of or update certain features. I've heard guild wars isn't coming back, so hurry up and provide a booster pack using the supplies and various tokens from guild wars, and delete it from the game.
The champions tower still doesn't have all the features it was originally intended to have, it looks like it still sees some use so just update the Tower token rewards or add a few levels.
Grail Knight rewards. People go through a lot of trouble to maintain their levels and is a core part of the game. Make Grail Knight Tokens useful again and update the grail shield rewards. If you stopped making gem "events" for an entire week and just focused on updates, you'd probably make twice as much money from that anyways.

4. If people spend a certain amount of money in a week/month, give them a 7* of their choice. So even if they spend 200$ and got NOTHING like i did, they'd at least have something of a consolation prize. I'd suggest one 7* at 100$ and past that one 7* for every 30$ spent. Obviously it might not include the newest of the premium cards. But at least that way there's some HOPE of getting SOMETHING.

Some of you will say, "Gaea would never do that, they can't make money that way!" or "stop complaining and support your favorite game!"
To which i answer. Gaea will make money if people believe they will receive something for making gem purchases. Right now the odds are so out of the players favor there's no point in spending money except to keep up on potion stocks.
I am complaining though. That is true. But if you went to the grocery store to buy the GOOD milk the PREMIUM milk, not the generic brand but the REALLY GOOD stuff, and had to gamble for it, would anyone bother trying to get the premium milk? If i spent 200$, 5$ at a time trying to "test my luck" to get that milk and never got it, i would never look at it again.