Other participants of the round table and Alexander Belugin, ADVANTA Business Development Director, agreed with her: “I will add to the overestimated expectations the excessive complexity of the rules and requirements for the system. We periodically receive requests from clients for the creation of so-called "spaceships". Here from the very beginning it is clear that such a ship will not take off. And not because it is impossible to create it, but because there will be no one to manage it.” Experts named the following factors as life hacks when implementing an IT solution: Do not try to implement a system more complex than the maturity level of project management in the company: it must correspond to the existing level of processes.

Explain to project managers the importance of not B2C Database only project, but also portfolio management, as well as the importance of working in a single system; Be sure to enlist the support of senior management: “If there is no interest and control of top management - whether data is entered, whether reports are reconciled - the system will not work ", - confirms Yulia Bochkareva , head of the department of design solutions of the partner company Conteq. Pavel Garashchenko , IT business partner of Alrosa IT, expressed an interesting idea that it is possible to promote the idea of ​​implementing a project approach in a company “not from above, but from below”: “ We initially positioned ADVANTA not as a portfolio management system, not as reporting system or storage of archival documents. But only as a tool for project teams, where it is convenient to conduct plans, discussions, and approvals. If the project teams believe that the system is for them, they will work in it and there will be no resistance. “

We motivated ordinary users to work in a single environment, and tops with interactive dashboards, from which all the necessary uploads are made literally in a second,” added the opinion of a colleague Irina Pyatova , IEK GROUP. In general, the discussion was held in a positive atmosphere, where everyone agreed that project management is an excellent tool for development, and the meeting is a good opportunity for communication and networking.