Hello Heroes!

A new World Boss is arriving to Camelot!

The son of a god with tremendous strength who built a temple for his beloved father, Poseidon, using skulls of countless journeymen.
Antaios has been sighted in Camelot! Explore the World Boss dungeon to find this ferocious 7★ hero.
In your journey you will discover his Heroic Power: Panic Attack: Chance to stun enemy team with the Lowest HP. Three times per battle.

Event time:
2/6 20:00 ~ 2/7 20:00(UTC)
2/13 20:00 ~ 2/14 20:00(UTC)
2/20 20:00 ~ 2/21 20:00(UTC)
2/27 20:00 ~ 2/28 20:00(UTC)

HOC Team