Hello Heroes!

We've found once again a series of inappropriate actions related to payment through unauthorized channels and malicious refunds, aimed at exploiting the game's economy and thriving on the chaos caused by such activities.
In order to send a strong message to players who exploit systems that use invalid payment channels and hacking programs we have decided to take actions against such players.
As always, our goal is to continue to provide a fair playing field for all of our players.

Here's the new list of players that have been recently banned:

Ripcord, s27
☆GoV☆Shađow, s26
Gandalf the White, s8
Monterеу, s34
xZILx, s102
Flesch, s102
Quicksilver, s27
Dju-do, s100
Tpoxa$killer, s8
Gamajaja, s72
Cosmic Resourgence, s49
InfInItI, s8

We will continue to monitor the game for such activities and will take appropriate actions when necessary. Finally, we would like to thank the thousands of players who are honest and do not resort to such actions and urge you not to try to exploit the current system.

Thanks for your collaboration!

HOC Team