Facebook is developing strategies against cloaking in ads. Thus, bait-and-switch ads will not pass network inspection. Cloaking is the practice of showing different content to visitors and the search engine. The content shown to visitors involves topics such as pornography and slimming pills. What happens is that when a visitor clicks on an ad on one topic, they would come across another. If before it was possible to break the rules of Facebook Ads, now measures against this practice are being taken. Facebook points out that this is a way to ensure a good user experience within the Community Standards.

Marketing on Facebook How will this be done? Facebook has developed new artificial intelligence software to detect cloaking attempts. In addition, more employees will be engaged in manually reviewing the ads. So, if with cloaking the content available was different from the one accessed, now this will no longer happen. It will work Whatsapp Mobile Number List this: Facebook cloaking update The company has been working to stop such ads for years. Cloaking still causes a lot of problems for Facebook, but it is now much more difficult for hackers to get past the impediments put in place. With this update, Facebook hopes to have reached the point that it's not worth trying this kind of practice, economically speaking.

This is part of a vast attempt by Facebook to ban deceptive content of any kind from its platform. Other efforts have included shutting down ad-rigging botnets, suppressing links from slow websites, and adding warning tags to sites with low fact checker scores. How does this affect your page? Facebook does not tolerate cloaking, and ads that contain cloaking will be removed and the site will not see a change in its referral traffic . But if you've been doing everything right, you have nothing to worry about, right? This news makes a lot of sense to improve the user experience. In fact, this is a common concern for any site that wants to improve its results today. Want to know the best practices of Facebook Ads? Read our complete guide on the topic .