I am having trouble synching my Heroes of Camelot account to my new phone *(Samsung Galaxy Note 2). It works fine on my Galaxy SII, but everytime I input my email and password into the game settings to try to sync up my account, it says "login successful, please restart the game" and then it jumps to the loading screen immediately and loads right back to the starter account crap that you are forced to create when newly installing this game. There should be an option to skip that and login/sync your game immediately... it would save a lot of headache for veteran players transferring accounts. So, instead of my 2 servers with lvl 85 characters and SSS decks on each one, I get one server of lvl 2 *(where the tutorial drops you off) and none of my other servers/characters are listed, so then I check settings again and where I logged in before it lists my email address with a button to "Re-login" and when I click that it says "A change has been detected in your kabam ID account. Please login again to re-sync your account." But then if I enter my password again, the same thing just happens all over again and it never loads my characters. I've tried force quitting, clearing app data and cache, and nothing so far has worked. Any ideas?