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MagicHeroes vs Bourgard

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  • MagicHeroes vs Bourgard

    Hello! Welcome to the members of the Guild MagicHeroes! Next weekend (2014, February 14 to 16) it will take place the Raid on Ragnall's Cove against Bourgard. This space is for us to coordinate our action. The first thing you should decide is what is your preferred day & hours to be on-line for the event and also other possibilities (try to give as wide as possible options); for instance, my preferred days are Friday 14 (from 12 am to 23 pm UTC) or Saturday 15 (from 13 am to 23 pm UTC), but if necessary I can be on-line into the game also on Sunday 16 (from 11 am to 20 pm).
    UTC means Universal Time Coordinated ( and you can easily find your corresponding local time on various sites, e.g.
    As you have decided, then post your preferences here (also in UTC, please!) and possibly send me a message inside the game.
    Only in the dire circumstance that you cannot take part on the event, state anyway your decision here or with a message to me inside the game.
    When I will have all the answers from the members of the Guild, I will decide with my Officers the final date & hour in which the Raid will start and I will post here the information.
    I suggest that you use the days before the Start of the Raid to improve your party as better as it's possible!
    You can go here to read a Guide to the HeroesOfCamelot game:
    You can also test your deck with other members' decks inside the Guild! Click on the icon Guild in the right part of the initial screen, then select a member and finally click on the Crossed-Axes icon that appears at the lower right part of the page.
    Finally, when it's about to begin (at least 15 minutes before), you are asked to enter the game and confirm your login by sending a message on the Guild's chat.
    For a preview of how it will be, here is the link to a previous Raid, performed by another Guild:
    If you have some questions, please post them here or send me a message into the game.

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    An important thing to remember is that, before entering the dungeon, each member MUST have with him/her at least 7 mana potions!! To know the exact number you have, go to the Shop and see the little number on the upper right corner of the image of the blue mana potion. If you have less than seven, then is better you explore (or battle into the Arena) to collect more.


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      Party Rank!

      Every member of MagicHeroes should try to use these days to improve his/her deck and to reach possibly at least the level A! So that Bourgard would be more easily toasted!


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        When the Raid starts!

        The start hasn't been decided yet, but it will be probably on saturday 15 february 2014, at 13:00 (1:00 PM) UTC, that means for instance at 14:00 CET (Central European Time).

        Before the Raid takes place, the members should enter the game at least 15 minutes in advance, go to the Guild's chat and introduce themselves.
        When finally I, as the Leader of MagicHeroes, will give the Start (by opening the Gate at Ragnall's Cove, thus awakening the Boss Bourgard), you'll have just to click on the icon "Quest", then go to Ragnall's Cove (to the left of Broceliande, the 3rd city that you should yet know) and simply click over the location to enter. Obviously, only members of the Guild MagicHeroes, will be admitted.
        Then the Raid takes place: everyone must have to find inside the dungeon and then fight as many as possible clones of Bourgard; the total time available is 6 hours since Start.
        At the end, if Bourgard is defeated, the first 15 mermbers of the Guild, ranked in decreasing order of damage done, will recieve special Awards!


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          Do you know, you can have a free training session inside our Guild?

          To test various cards arrangments and to see what others are doing, it's possible to do dummy battles against other members' decks into the Guild's Camp! This is done by entering the Guild, then selecting the desired member and finally clicking on the lower right part of the screen, over the corssed-axes icon. Then the fight takes place.
          You are also encouraged to play into the Arena.


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            Which zones are the best to explore to find new cards useful to enhance your deck?

            Until now, in the various cities, I discovered this:

            1) at Avalon, StoneHill is not so bad: you obtain Footman (not so strong card, but it appears easily; so if you have few stamina or don't need much XP...)

            2) at Glastonbury, Joseph'sGorge is pretty good zone: you obtain Enchantress! Otherwise, also GlastonCommons or GlastonFort give you pretty fair useful cards.

            3) at Broceliande, Nascien'sCave is the best zone (maybe the best at all!): both are pretty good cards to farm (and you get 6 XP everytime you tap on "Explore"). Otherwise I like also ForestOfShadows and, if you want to see if you are lucky, BarrowHills or HeartWood. Even Southdowns is not so bad.

            4) at Tintagel, there are many interesting zones (and they give 7 or even 8 XP! Just the cards are thougher to appear...): until now I've explored 14 zones on a total of 18 and the best is Merlin'sRoad the 14th (but here I'm stuck with a strong opponent I'm not able to defeat). Other good zones are: HiddenVale, BossineyVale and even SeacroftFarm.

            Conclusion: as the XP increases and the probability to get a card decreases, while you go from city 1 to city 4, then probably the best zone is Nascien's Cave at Broceilande, that represent the best compromise between getting good cards and gathering XP. On the other hand, at the 4th city, you can also get bigger mana and bigger stamina. If you are lucky, you can even explore very long (the drawback being that you get less cards)


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              KillTerror open all weekend. just let me know the start time


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                ***** breaking news: Official raid's starting time !!!!!!! *****

                The Official Start of the Raid at Ragnall's Cove is: Saturday 15 February at 14:00 (2 PM) UTC (i.e. Greenwich Time).

                This means, for instance:
                6 AM (06:00) at Los Angeles;
                9 AM (09:00) at New York;
                12 PM (12:00) at Sao Paulo;
                3 PM (15:00) at Berlin;
                6 PM (18:00) at Moscow;
                9 PM (21:00) at Jakarta;
                Midnight at Brisbane;
                3 AM (next day) at Wellington;
                an so on...

                See if in doubt.

                I remember that all the players upon their login are invited to enter the Guild's chat, posting they are on-line, at least 15 minutes before!

                The Gates at Ragnall's Cove will remain open for 6 hours, after the Start. So they should close at 20:00 (8 PM) UTC; this way, even if a player is too late for the Start, can join us inside the Dungeon and help to defeat the Evil Boss!

                Warriors of the Guild! It will be: MagicHeroes vs Bourgard! Sharpen your blades!!!


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                  Originally posted by MattFurious40 View Post
                  KillTerror open all weekend. just let me know the start time
                  Hi, KillTerror! See my new post with the starting time, i.e. Saturday 15 February at 14:00 (2 pm) of London Time.
                  See you tomorrow!


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                    Interesting infos about Ragnall's Cove!

                    Pasted from another thread (yes, you have the link: it' on my first post here up):

                    "Only your Guild Leader can start the raid.

                    Bourgard has exactly 22,320,000 HP. Confirmed by adding damage totals from three Raids.

                    Each time you defeat a "mini-version" of Bourgard, you receive prizes and points toward your Raid Rank.

                    Prizes include summoning charms, summoning stones, cards, streak bonuses, brown donkeys, grey mules, and a "crossed swords symbol" (I think this is bonus Might).

                    At the end of the Raid, the 15-16 participants who did the most damage will receive special prizes that include summoning charms, gold (lol!) and a single card. Ranks 1-3 (or 4) are Gold and receive a random 4* card, 4-9 (or 5-10) are Silver and receive a random 3* card, and 10-15 (or 11-16) are Bronze and receive a random 3* card.

                    Everyone also gets a chance to roll a die. You have 15 minutes to roll the die before, presumably, the game rolls for you. The highest roller in each rank will win the following card:

                    Gold Rank high roller: 4* Bourgard
                    Silver Rank high roller: 4* Berserker
                    Bronze Rank high roller: 3* Heavy Swordsman

                    So being first in the raid does not guarantee that you'll get Bourgard.

                    I'm not certain why there have only ever been 15-16 participants so far. Is it just coincidence, or is there a limit?

                    Finally, there is a 3 hour cool-down, during which time you can view the raid results. After the cool-down, Bourgard resets and you can do it again if your Guild has enough Scrolls of Death! "


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                      Incredible bad luck!!!

                      There are yer 15 minutes that my game has become unstable and I'm trying to reconnect. I've yet tried everything, even shut down the tablet and start again, but... nothing! I will try again. If some of the Guild come here, then will know why I was unable to start the Raid! Wait me, I'm trying to reconnect!


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                        We did it!!!

                        HurrĂ¡ for MagicHeroes!!! Saturday we were able to defeat the powerful Bourgard, through heroic actions from 13 of us!!
                        A detailed report will follow.


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                          ***** MAGIC HEROES vs BOURGARD on 15 February 2014 - FINAL REPORT! *****

                          IT WAS AN INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE!!!

                          At first we were so excited and stressed, for the tension before the start and the fact we didn't know how it would have been, that we made many mistakes!
                          For instance, after winning the first easy fight (a SneakAttack, who unlocked to us the subsequent BackAttack), we tried to fight again and, when the system asked to use a ManaPotion, we promptly clicked OK, so wasting much precious mana!
                          And it took some time to understand that was instead better to search mana outside (you can always exit and re-enter the dungeon), or possibly... modify own deck to search the best fit between its mana cost and the available mana bar, so to perform two attacks in sequence, before finally using a ManaPotion!

                          Another confusing thing was that at first we made a pretty huge damage, so thinking we were easily winning (when instead we were rapidly wasting our resources, without being able to replenish them in a reasonable time).

                          Then I think that everyone of us learned, by tries & errors, which type of attack (among the four availables) was better suited to his own deck; we also learned fast methods to replenish mana and returning to fight, and then, after the first hour, I was finally able to tell to other members in chat all the important things to do, like for instance how to cunningly tailor the deck to fit the chosen type of attack.

                          So, in the second part of the 6-hours-long battle, the situation become more stable. I was able to conduct many SideAttacks, without wasting too much mana, and so on.
                          However, our forces were pretty depleted by the long fight (and also by the previous errors!) and so the combat against Bourgard was clearly less effective than before.
                          So I was starting to fear that we could even narrowly miss the final victory.
                          And I was more and more worried by the fact that only 12 of us (on a total of 36 members of the guild) were taking part in the combat...

                          Luckily, in the third part of the battle, when we were yet a bit desperate, came suddenly our rescue in the form of my First Officer MasterBoss (who was unable to start with us, because busy in the real life)! This delay though was, on balance, probably a good luck, because I was able to tell him all the vital things I had discovered before, so his action was surely more effective.
                          In the meantime, also the others warriors came again in a final rush with renowned strength and so we happily witnessed a rapid decreasing in the HP of our enemy, until he was clear that we were finally winning! The defeat took place when there were just 5 minutes to the end of available time!!!

                          Suddenly the screen changed and we understood to have won!
                          In that moment the Guild's chat was immediately filled by our exhalted messages of joy! It's impossible to describe with words the happy confusion that took place at that mythical moment of victory!! "WE WON", "WE WON" all the people were shouting and the happiness was immense!

                          I report here below the details of the result, after the ordeal ended.

                          Bear in mind that at the end of battle the system required to each of us to virtually throw the percentile dice and the highest number (on each of the three groups of Gold, Silver and Bronze) won a special prize! NB: the first 3 in rank, belong to the Gold group; the other 5, to the Silver group; and the final 7, belong to the Bronze group (but in our team we were just 13 and so the last 2 places had to remain empty! This is the only regret I have: what a pity that no one else of us has been able to join us "MIGHTY-13" to share with us the prizes and the joy).

                          Here is the final ranking:

                          RAID AGAINST BOURGARD AT RAGNALL'S COVE - 15 February 2014: final result.

                          Rank Nickname Damage Sneak Back Side Front Diceroll Rewards
                          1 killTerror 4,130,303 1 2 3 31 58 3083 Ch, 2960 Gd, EarthElemental
                          2 Malys 3,141,980 1 1 3 23 90 2497 Ch, 2397 Gd, ElderShaman, Bourgard!
                          3 Aztec Warrior 3,134,679 1 1 1 25 82 2333 Ch, 2240 Gd, Ysbadden
                          4 Peetarded 2,389,972 1 27 5 3 7 3330 Ch, 3197 Gd, CelestialLion
                          5 Urza 2,186,713 2 1 24 0 58 2395 Ch, 2300 Gd, GianEagle
                          6 Masterboss 1,864,503 1 1 20 0 44 1945 Ch, 1868 Gd, ThornWitch
                          7 frana 1,174,896 2 2 3 6 37 1112 Ch, 1068 Gd, GiantEagle
                          8 Gandalf 1,069,676 3 5 8 0 87 1480 Ch, 1421 Gd, EmberDruid, Berserker
                          9 OffSpiN-HADES-XIII 1,046,201 2 17 0 0 94 1646 Ch, 1580 Gd, GiantEagle, HeavySwordsman
                          10 Jeni 901,002 6 3 6 0 73 1482 Ch, 1423 Gd, Bard
                          11 mbrew 873,063 1 1 1 6 87 977 Ch, 938 Gd, ThornWitch
                          12 Aurora <3<3 372,238 2 1 3 0 72 500 Ch, 480 Gd, WarCleric
                          13 Greeder 34,774 1 0 0 0 31 83 Ch, 80 Gd, Doomweaver
                          14 <nobody>
                          15 <nobody>

                          More SneakAttacks: Jeni, with 6! More BackAttacks: Peetarded, with 27! More SideAttacks: Urza, with 24! More FrontAttacks: killTerror, with 31!

                          Ch = Charms, Gd = Gold The total damage equals the initial HP of Bourgard, that is: 22'320'000 points!!!

                          On conclusion, I wish to thank everyone that took part in this glorious event! I see that everyone of us gave his fundamental help and, as the victory came at the very end, everyone's action was vital for the final success!
                          Each of us gave at best what he could!
                          I want to especially point out some particular achievements: our "Heavy Guns" killTerror, Malys and AztecWarrior with their powerful FrontAttacks that caused together more than 45% of the total damage!
                          But also the truly heroic actions of Peetarded and OffSpiN that, with their just-B decks, were nevertheless capable to conduct 44 BackAttacks together! Peetarded was incredibly able to also win 3 FrontAttacks!!! (and I don't even know how, giving the fact that I, with my pretty strong A deck, was narrowly defeated attempting this action and then dismissed the FrontAttack in favour of the much more effective, for my deck, SideAttack).
                          Thanks also to frana and mbrew which their successful 6 FrontAttacks each!
                          And thanks to Gandalf, which did so many different attacks that resulted in his 8th rank!
                          All others, with lesser decks or with a lack of mana, gave also fundamental contributions to the victory!
                          Finally, one special mention to MasterBoss, that appeared as the long-awaited Cavalry at Fort Apache and, with our happiness, was able to perform the incredible number of 20 final SideAttacks (in less than 2 hours, if I remember well) thus destroying the remaining hopes of Bourgard to survive!
                          All this was simply.... FANTASTIC!



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                            ***** breaking news: 2nd raid at ragnall's cove incoming! *****

                            The Official Start of the Raid at Ragnall's Cove is: Saturday 1 March at 15:00 (3 PM) UTC (i.e. Greenwich Time).

                            This means, for instance:
                            7 AM (07:00) at Los Angeles;
                            10 AM (10:00) at New York;
                            1 PM (13:00) at Sao Paulo;
                            4 PM (16:00) at Berlin;
                            7 PM (19:00) at Moscow;
                            10 PM (22:00) at Jakarta;
                            1 AM (of next day!) at Brisbane;
                            4 AM (of next day!) at Wellington;
                            an so on...

                            See if in doubt.

                            I remember that all the players upon their login are invited to enter the Guild's chat, posting they are on-line, at least 15 minutes before!

                            The Gates at Ragnall's Cove will remain open for 6 hours, after the Start. So they should close at 21:00 (9 PM) UTC; this way, even if a player is too late for the Start, can join us inside the Dungeon and help to defeat the Evil Boss!

                            If someone has something to say about this timetable, then he/her is pleased to send me a mail message inside the game (and optionally to post a reply here). Thanks!

                            Other important infos will follow! Stay connected...


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                              ***** sorry! The time for sao paulo is wrong! Here's the updated timetable! *****

                              This means, for instance:
                              7 AM (07:00) at Los Angeles;
                              10 AM (10:00) at New York;
                              12 PM (12:00) at Sao Paulo;
                              4 PM (16:00) at Berlin;
                              7 PM (19:00) at Moscow;
                              10 PM (22:00) at Jakarta;
                              MIDNIGHT (0:00) At Tokyo;
                              1 AM (of next day!) at Brisbane;
                              4 AM (of next day! DST) at Wellington;

                              an so on...

                              See if in doubt.