A few of the chests could use an update, to make them interesting to a broader range of the players. Mostly this mean ensuring that their best drops are not cards that have consistently been in the summon pool -- cards that many long-time players already have at t4.

Air chest -- Hope & Vambrael have been summonable for most of the game. That said, Vambrael is a great card and I don't see any good air-themed cards to add. Thoughts?

Earth chest -- with Kel & Mara this is in pretty good shape. Granite Guardian would be a fine addition. Not sure if you want cards that are that new in these chests.

Flame -- With just Ben-nu Hellborn this chest could really benefit from adding Crimson Dragonaire or Megion. And of course everyone would love Infernus, but he's likely too new.

Water -- Vort is a solid card, perhaps Shiverheart would be a good addition (if he's ever going to get playable combos).

6* chest -- This could really use an update. It roughly matches the summon pool before death & war were added. Could you please bring this a bit more up to date? Suggestions include, in approximate chronological order:

Death, War
Scarecrow, Soul Cage,
Drust, Godfrey, Gwar
Megion, Crimson Dragonaire,
Broom, Granite Guardian, Infernus

5* chest -- Could we also bring this up to date, in synch with the summon pool?