Lunar Disciple
8 Card PE

74349 HP
16332 Att
Proc heals this cards team for 200% of her HP for 3 rounds.
At 8 CPE this amount is 148,698

+ Pretty good stats for 5* and a very effective healing card
- Below average combos
(However you can always throw it together with Rhiannon, Lady of the Lake and Guinevere for a good laugh.)

Keeper of the glade
8 Card PE

96116 HP
20878 Att
Proc heals all 3 teams for 50% of her HP for 3 turns.
At 8 CPE this amount is 48,058

+ Great stats for a 5* (2nd most HP for a 5*)
/ Healing is ok
/ Combos aren't terrible but aren't too special either

Sorry if these posts are too many.
Next time I will just put them all together in one post.