So I wanted to bring up a thread about the current state of the game because we, as the players are generally in the dark.

I'm hoping we can get some commentary from the staff about where we are headed, because we really don't have anything to be hyped up about, and this week seems to be dead arena wise.

What we know (with no specific time):
- Update to CC tower has been mentioned.
- New arena has been in progress
- We just got new combos, but still have some empty cards.

What can be looked forward too:
- New type of event? just exploring an extra area feels like a weekly dungeon most other games do.
- CC tower was a step in the right direction, but its super easy, no puzzles or anything, any proposed changes in the works?
- More arenas, I don't care if they are small, but variety would be nice, we really don't have much to do in game.
- More raids? perhaps some even harder ones, or all day ones, more about the treasure rather than the boss card.
- More replies from the staff, hey even if is small on the forum, I know you cant respond well to all the complaints, but just talk to us about anything, it helps.
- Castle siege? I know its not well tuned, but last time we even tried it was a long time ago.
- More things to do with Summon stones, they are one of the most key aspects of this game, why do we have to hoard them for such long amount of times.
- Quests don't make sense, explore an area 20 times? doesn't seem that much like a 'Quest', how about "This area has been unlocked, defeat the boss at the end" or something.
Take advantage of the raid system in terms of how it lets us fight, you can make interesting boss battles.

What I am happy about though that Kabam has done recently, the free players are not nearly as insignificant in power anymore, the larger card pool has helped the balance of the game tremendously and we actually have more diverse team compositions. Can it still be worked on? of course, but we are stepping in the right direction, we just need more cards with unique abilities. I would much rather we get a large card pool added AND THEN nerf/buff accordingly rather then tiptoeing in with a small stream of cards. And let us as players do the testing.

Discuss, bring up some questions, we want to hear more about the game we are playing.