Care must be taken, because humans are not good. People who feel threatened or that do not support the success of others, they will do anything to other people being harmed. People who are not able to grow, they do not want to spend much money in the game or do not have the intelligence to know how to play, they will make noise so that you withdraw the people who know how to play.

Images are facilmentes mounting targets, after all cards have seen pictures with greater attack than 50k. Some people fail to live socially to devote to events and arenas, so other people venhama accuse them of being cheated.

People are liars, selfish, think only of themselves. The result is several players banned for no reason, unjustly.

Kabam, just because a person complains, does not mean that everyone is dissatisfied, just look at the amount of players online daily. On my server never complained of tricksters since we accept that some people are more prepared, they have more time and money, and so are stronger.

You are smart, then trust your product. People will always be dissatisfied, is the logic that makes humanity walk.