Here are a few ideas to make the gamplay much comfortable!

-in the safe we need to sell the cards because I have 5000cards or more in safe and I would be crazy if I put every card on there own to sell them. To sort the card in the safe would be nice too!

-The chat: I have never seen that bad chat in my life! Make an new!
When everybody can see mabye the last 50 post in chat that makes the chat more interesting. Allianzchat we need an information if there is a new message maybe a number on the button. Every one take whatsapp because the chat is not useable! That's not good for the game.

-why it is not possible to make fix points to start a Event? Maybe all 3 weeks?! It would stop the asking every day for Event!
Or all 2weeks a wandering boss and all 4weeks a Event.

-what about new cities? There are a gigantic map and so much space. The cities feels like there are older than 20years that's boring

- the main part of this game is just playing arena. That's boring if you play only pot areas.

-The tower is a good idea but we need pots for it and GR-token to gamble.

-many more gambling games makes the game interesting! We all have a lot oft stuff of tokken but we can do nothing with that. What about the hearttokken?

-please change the login bonus Merlins dragon I can't see them any more!

Please kabam give me a feedback if you have read this!
Sorry for my english it rust in ;-)