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Dear Kabam: Thank You For Ceasing my Habit

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  • Dear Kabam: Thank You For Ceasing my Habit

    I really should thank you for doing the impossible. Breaking my will to spend. Some of you might remember me from being active on the forums in the past, even the GM's might remember me. I've been playing in the realm of 9-10 months, and while I'm not a "whale" by industry standards, I am a VERY heavy spender. I also knew the game was a money sink, and a "pay to play", I was under no false feelings to the contrary. I spent what I could afford (which was a pretty fair amount) and I enjoyed doing so. I've weathered the storm (so to speak) both good and bad for amazing events (Crack Knight Chest) and terrible ones (saw a friend quit after spending $500 without 1x War on the summon packs). The game admittedly is in a pretty good place (with the exception of Ice Overlord), so I've soldiered on.

    That was until today. Today, I woke up and saw a storm. Awesome! I bought 70ish makeup chests yesterday and pulled a pile of stones (I had about 800 all total). I've won MANY summon storms and was excited for my crack at Infernus and all the rest (I'd had bad luck on him). The final total? 800 stones. 5x 6*'s. Before any of you say "that's just bad luck", no, it's not. That's outside the realm of possibility luck. Again, I've won many storms. The "worst" storm I've had was about 1x 6* every 60. This, was 1x every 160.

    Kabam, I must thank you. Your broken pull model has finally cured me of my ill that is spending in this game. I'll continue playing till I've blown the 25,000 gems I have left and I'll go from there. You have a great game, but I must say that your ineptness at dealing with your summon tables issues (the %'s are so far the far side of random they have to be pulled from a list) and your inability to deal with players who have PILES of utterly USELESS 6*'s in their vaults have killed it for me and many other heavy spenders.

    I heavily suggest you look into the games biggest issues (luck is > spending which should NEVER happen) or you'll continue to see the old heavy spending guard change.

    Sincerely Yours,

  • #2
    pull 6 x6*with 110ss. its random. you should know it. nothing to do with luck or something like that


    • #3
      meh ...

      I pulled 3 6* from 69 ss .. and the last Legendary pulled with my last ss , so it's random and if I were in your shoes I would not spend 800 ss in a single storm !! That's being said and you just " HAVE A BAD LUCK "


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        it has nothing to do with random. Im 1 of the guy who is never ever lucky in storms event boss drops and packs. But see low lvl or low deck players get many 6 stars from storm or really good 5stars.
        I stopped spending because no mather what i did i didnt get anything good. Im happy that i stopped spending and it seems the drops for me only have gotten worse.

        There is always that small group of very strong players that always get the good cards and sometimes a lower player gets (lucky) and join that group


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          Great guy potemkin, had some nice ideas how to improve game. Jump the ship, there are way better time wasters and things to spend your money on.


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            I got zero, yes, ZERO 6* during last storm from 160ss. My friend got 4x 6* from 80ss. I play 9 months, he plays 4 weeks. Dont call it bad luck, please.


            • #7
              Funny, because I quit spending after the 2x summon storm last month. Went into this storm with a paltry (for me) 50ss, when I usually have AT LEAST 300, often 500 or more.

              So what did I Pull with my measly 50ss? 6 legendaries, all of which I could use. I did better with 50ss than I've done with 10 times that amount in the past. So... What's my motivation to spend? There isn't one. The drop rates are so pisseningly bad, even in a storm, that luck matters very little. I may as well just keep playing like a poverton. I do just as well. What's the worst that can happen? I lose my GK? I've been Gk8 since it came out, and gotten nothing from it.


              • #8
                Pote I feel your pain and can sympathize on so many levels with you bro.

                Just chill with us in Line and we can laugh at the silliness that goes on here.


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                  Originally posted by Tome2 View Post
                  I got zero, yes, ZERO 6* during last storm from 160ss. My friend got 4x 6* from 80ss. I play 9 months, he plays 4 weeks. Dont call it bad luck, please.
                  Feel you, have 0 6* in last 700ss during the last 2 storms .... at least it made the decision to leave for another game easier (together with a lot of ppl from our server)

                  Makes no sense to spend in this game (time or money), there are absolutely no awards ..... coming from a guy that is nr 110 alltime in might.


                  • #10
                    Ya ive been misled too. Last month vortigern was taken out of summon pool. I needed 1 more for PE.....foolishly i fell for the vortigern booster packs. I figured wat the hell...even if i have to spen $100 toget 1 card....its better than waiting for who knows when. Needless to say i never got him....and i ended up spwnding $500 lol. I pulled card after card ecpecting him to pop up....and i followed the recent summins list like a hawk. Nobody summoned him. Even hours later i would stalk the recent history....nothing. i wrote to kabam and they offerred me 3ss for my rub salt in the wound last week vort packs came out again....and i wasted another 70 gems for nothing. Now as of yesterdays uodate he is back in the pool.....too bad for me cus i refuse to spend another $$ for false advertisement


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                      It's one of those things. I realize some luck is involved, but until they (Kabam) really do make the system random vs streaky, it's a major issue and detraction for the spenders. What I mean is that by nature of the word random, it implies that over a large enough sample everyone would see the same approximate number of 5* and 6*'s. Instead, this is 100% not the case. How do I know? Because there are occurrences so far outside of threshold that they're nearly statistically impossible. Mine is not that extreme, but I have seen cases far worse than what I experienced.

                      Combine this with the fact that the vast majority of the heavy hitters have multitudes of worthless 5* / 6* cards and you get a game that currently is driving the wrong behavior. I.E. It's not making me feel "rewarded" for spending. Now if I could take the 2x Vort, 10x White Knight, 3x Veteran Paladin, 1x Lapis Knight, 5x Treehound, 1x War, 4x Green Knight, 2x Scarecrows, 1x Kings Guard that I have extras of (yes that's 30 extra 6*'s that were pulled from stones that I have extra after 8 card PE'ing) then MAYBE I'd be more inclined. Hell, exclude boss drop cards (Icelord, Icemaw, etc) and reward cards (Jeze, Ossion, Totem Guard) and let me trade 5x cards for one card I need and I might even be excited. But the way things stand now I have 100's and 100's of 5* feeders and probably 40+ 6* extras.

                      The game is getting mature and while it is improving (arena is improving and Tower was brilliant), you're going to keep seeing heavy spenders drop if some issues aren't addressed.

                      @Luteuel - yes of course I'll still be in channel, lol


                      • #12
                        I understand what your sayong and i also a big spender been at gk 9 since morgana event amd usually at 100% there is 2 major problems i have 1 is the fact that if im at gk lvl 9 100% amd say o spend 50 dollars in gems that day before daily reset my gk lvl still drops there should be a overlevel in the gk system so that if o spend 100 dollars over 100% my gk level shouldnt drop below 100% until it is spent from the overlevel.... and number 2 which im even more upset is you nerfed the makeup chests out of last 400 makeup chests i have bought had 1 chest of 100 and the other day bought 50 dollars worth thats 72 chests got 80 stones.... where a month ago i was averaging 300 minimum from every 50 dollars got 1300 stones from 120 dollars right after morgana event have only had 1 100 since the balin event and did 5 top level summon packs 12 cards at 15x drop rate and ended up with ZERO legendaries that isnt bad luck that is just straight highway robbery. 100 dollars on fallen mini game zero icemaw zero valrakk zero fallen. Got few death and scarecrow due to fact i had t4 both of them. Please put makeup chests back to their old drop rates or i will no longer be a spender. Thanks....,


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                          Originally posted by Kamikaze no Refresh View Post
                          pull 6 x6*with 110ss. its random. you should know it. nothing to do with luck or something like that
                          I wholeheartedly agree with this. You gamble, there's a chance you might lose. Oh and saving up SS (without spending money), Luck > Spending money to see if you'll find luck.


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                            around 1500ss spent, 32x 6* cards.................admit it you're just unlucky..................


                            • #15
                              I agree that the chance factor in this game is too extreme. Whether you use gems or not.
                              Instead of offering players the chance to hit the jackpot or end up totally empty, there should be a wider middle ground.
                              For example I spent 1400 gems on makeup chests and got 50x stones, 25x stones, 10x stones twice and 5x stones.
                              Walked away feeling like I hit a homerun.
                              Decided to try another 1400 gems on more chests and got just 5x stones.
                              Walked away feeling like I should have walked away after the first set.
                              I would have preferred to get 50 and 55 between the two sets because it feels a bit more acceptable to get fair amounts consistently than to get that rollercoaster experience.
                              But then again, I'm sure that kabam wants it this way, probably having studied the psychology of gamblers before designing this app. I know much gets said about this all. I feel like it is what it is though.
                              I don't expect kabam to ever change this since its helping them reach their financial goals.