Sorry for starting the tread this way but I can't help it. I'm a paying player that spends a lot of money on your game. I'm bored to hell. Every one has been waiting for a Easter event, and all you manage to give us are promos and some lousy arenas. I've been faithful from the beginning of this game but your making me and my friends consider taking our money some where else. All we asked for was an event or a wondering boss our something for this Easter weekend, but noooo ...all you think about is money, but I'm sorry to say not even the dame promos are interesting. I don't want to hear the excuse that if you put up an event it takes time of from the development of cards and new combos. This is bull, I work for more than 12-14 hours daily and I can't put up excuses with my progress that something that's part of my job makes me not get deadlines done. A multimillion company can't put up excuses. We all were waiting for a city event... Not promos (lousy ) that only fill you pocket. Spa4 I know this is not your fault. But I've been paying and paying for nothing. Spa4 this is not against you. But kabam is killing the best ever game. When many players like me leave kabam will get hurt in the pocket. Yes they will even if new spenders come it won't be the same as us, players who really loved the game and where willing to spends thouds. Open your small eyes. Please!!! It's not to late to give us an event or somthing this weekend