My account was hacked and all my cards were sold. I submitted a ticket and support says all cards were restored, but I am still missing several cards I had build the day the hack occured. This situation is realy frustrating,becouse I sent screenshots of missing cards and still this is not enough proof... Few of those cards I won in arenas for rank,or for might and this can be check,too. I've realy hope that all those cards will restored,becouse without those cards I'll be forced to quit HOC. This situation is not acceptable for me,becouse I lost to many time and money to get those cards. Those cards are: Weapon Master 6 cards (tier4),Veteran Palladin 5 cards (tier4),Ice Overlord 5 cards (tier 4),Ben nu Hellborn 4 cards (tier 4),Death 3 cards (tier 3),Night Rider 8 cards (tier 4),Sir Galahad 1 card. I need all of my cards restored. Redards. sikorex. Arthur-1. Heroes Of Camelot.