I was exploring some floors in the tower a few hours ago and something came up, so I let the phone on my bed and a few minutes later it went to sleep and locked itself, around an hour later I picked it up to continue with the tower and I noticed something extremely wrong, the endurance bar was exactly as I left it, the only change was that the regen counter was down two minutes (that's how long it takes for my phone to go lock itself when is inactive), so I closed and opened the game hoping to see the endurance regen increase reflected but turns out it didn't, so I went and tested to see if I was right or just nuts.

Turns out I was right. When you lock your phone when you're inside the Tower, after a few seconds Endurance regeneration stops, when you wake your phone only a time from the regen counter is lost, but no Endurance is gained.

So sp4zrocker, take this as a report, look into it and provide a fix soon, It might be a huge issue for some, and nothing to others, but it's still an issue.

Consider this a warning guys, don't lock your phone while you're still in the tower, because Endurance won't regenerate.