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Show everyone your deck!

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  • #31
    First team

    Guardian angel
    Arabel the true
    All is t4 pe.

    Second team

    Pestilence t4 pe
    Jezebel the shriek t4 pe
    Megion t3 4cards
    Blademaster t4 pe

    Last team

    ossion the dread t4 pe
    Highlander t4 pe
    totem guard t2
    bourgard t4 pe


    • #32
      Overall Base: 825442/257610
      Overall after combos and bonuses: 2,528,433/539,236

      First team
      gods = 987354/102897
      Rhiannon T4-PE
      Vambrael T3-PE
      Horned Lord T4-PE
      Morgana T4-PE

      Second team
      Blood frenzy/thirst of night = 810196/227026
      Corraddin T4-PE
      Bron T4-PE
      Sir Val T4 ( but two T1s were not overleveled )
      Chastity T4 ( but one T1 was not overleveled )

      Third team
      Druid elite = 730833/209313
      Totem T4-PE
      Arial's Champ T4-PE
      Primal Rider T4-PE (have 7 but he's been removed from pool, patiently waiting)
      Arial T2

      Waiting the in the wings:
      Sacred Squadron- T3-PE Hughes,Percival,Vet Pal with 8-PE Paladin
      Hells Terror- T3-PE Death, Hellborn with T4-PE Night rider
      Vexing Triad/Young blood mix T4-PE Morgana, Raven, Brigit but T1 Arthur =/
      Paragons- T2 Weapon Master, War with T3-PE Vet Pal
      Elite force- T3 Vam, Galzra, Sir Gal with 8-PE Rhiannon

      In the works
      Crack knights- 3 of each knight
      Champions- T1 Drust, T2 Weapon Master, T3 Sir Gal, T4-PE Totem

      In a million years
      Eternal evil - 1 Valraak
      Ice and fire - 3 Ice Overlords

      Still got a ways to go, but I'm pretty satisfied so far since this account is going to be 2 months old tomorrow.


      • #33
        Total Health: 1.04 Mil
        Total Attack: 297k

        Team 1: Gods

        T4 Ossion the Dread
        T3 Vambrael
        T3 Rhiannon the Fair
        T4 The Horned Lord

        Team 2: Hells Terror

        T4 Ben-nu Hellborn
        T4 Death
        T4 Night Rider
        T4 Jezebel the Shriek

        Team 3: Blood Frenzy

        T4 Totem Guard
        T4 War
        T4 Corraddin of the Spear
        T4 Bron the Juggernaut


        • #34
          It's my deck in 6 months play HOC!
          1.08 mil hp/ 304k atk

          Team 1 behemoths 1.03mil hp/ 89k atk
          iceoverlord t4 (7 card)
          Galzra t4 ( 4 card)
          Mammoth beetle t4 ( 4card)
          Ancient archelon t3 ( 3 card)

          Team 2 blood frenzy 620k hp/ 240k atk
          Ossion the dread t4 pe
          jezebel the shriek t4 pe
          Corraddin of the spear t4 pe
          Bron the juggernaunt t3 (4card)

          Team 3:spirit of slaughter 482k hp/460k atk
          valrakk t4 pe
          gwar t4 ( 4card)
          War t4 (7 cards)
          Godfey one arm t4 (4 card)
          im happy with my deck! I'm a free player!


          • #35
            My 1st and 3rd teams are rather usual:
            First: Vambrael T4(4), Rhiannon T4(4), Horned Lord T4(8), Guardian Angel T4(4, struggling to collect another 8) -> 1096374/98040
            Third: Lapis T4(8), Green T4(5), White T2(2), King's Guard T2(2) -> 390214/311597

            My 2nd team is most unusual (and rather weak, but I wanted to put my Godlies to play :-) ):
            Second: Druantia T4(4), Treehound T4(5), Ossion T4(8), Ben-nu Fireborn T4(8) -> 513250/144124

            That's 1046321/278741 base stats which become 1999838/553761 but if both first two teams revive then it's extra 1.29M of tank power :-).


            • #36
              Heres mine. Just a weak deck

              Devil + titan
              Fenric t4 8card
              Balza t4 6card
              Mhor the wyrm t4 6card
              Yasbaden t4 8card

              Undead party
              Morbius t4 8card
              Karn t4 8card
              Desde t4 8card
              Gravebane t4 7card

              Water elemental t4 8card
              Fire t4 8card
              Earth t4 8card
              Gale t4 7card

              I wish could get a nice deck like yall. Hurmm


              • #37



                spiderman ®


                • #38
                  My best arena deck doesn't have my best stats but allows me the most wins since it's to tough to streak usually

                  League of the damned
                  T4 morb
                  T4 Jezz
                  T4 ossi
                  T4 vortigen (only 4 cards)

                  Ancient defenders
                  T2 io
                  T4 hell born ( or Horned lord, depends on the day)
                  T4 nartha
                  T4 stone ancient

                  Sons of slaughter
                  T4 war
                  T1 gwar
                  T1 Godfrey
                  T4 Mara of the sand

                  Treats me well, have logged a win against every deck in my realm with this team ( only once for for 2 of them tho lol)

                  I have better lines to run for a streak team but I rarely find time to get a good streak going anymore, lots of just grinding gets me there faster and this team works well against all range of decks and has a lot of room for growth still!! I'm looking at you Godfrey!!!!


                  • #39
                    Won't consider Golden and I'd stick with 3 Revive 1KO to counter all thoese Death and Decay blockers as long as that combo works that way.

                    Death, Scarecrow, Vorti, SoulCage
                    Drantia, Eternal Evil
                    IO + SoS

                    IO Attack is super low but it tends to proc alot at hitter team than in Tank team.


                    • #40
                      Originally posted by JesusBerlJov View Post
                      Overall Base: 825442/257610
                      Overall after combos and bonuses: 2,528,433/539,236

                      First team
                      gods = 987354/102897
                      Rhiannon T4-PE
                      Vambrael T3-PE
                      Horned Lord T4-PE
                      Morgana T4-PE

                      Still got a ways to go, but I'm pretty satisfied so far since this account is going to be 2 months old tomorrow.
                      Two months old? It took me almost two years to collect four Vambrael cards... what is the secret?

                      By the way, why not removing that weak Morgie from Gods? Surely you have better cards for them... Oss, Jez... even the Guardian Angel is way better


                      • #41
                        My current party:

                        1. Ossion (PE T4)
                        2. Mammoth Beetle (PE T4)
                        3. Galzra (T3)*
                        4. Ancient Archelon (PE T4)

                        HP: 989k
                        Atk: 103k

                        Undead Party
                        1. Karn (PE T4)
                        2. Desdemona (PE T4)
                        3. Gravebane (PE T4)
                        4. Morbius the Cursed (PE T4)

                        HP: 449k
                        Atk: 127k

                        King Size Weapons
                        1. Highlander (PE T4)
                        2. Jezebel the Shriek (PE T4)
                        3. Totem Guard (PE T1 ;_; )
                        4. Bourgard (PE T4)

                        HP: 276k
                        Atk: 214k

                        * Galzra isn't quite PE because I fell foul of the visual bug, back when I was a newb, so one of the T1's was level 50 only.

                        My tank team is decent for a mid-deck, but I can't wait to change the middle team and improve/replace the last team. I'm badly lacking on attack.

                        I'd love so see an even larger variety of combos so we could see different (but still viable!) decks. I think the game has been moving in that direction given that many of the new cards have 2-card combos.


                        • #42
                          First Team(4T all)
                          Golden Force
                          HP : 2049719
                          ATK : 156073

                          Second Team(4T all)
                          Eternal Evil+Ice Overlord
                          HP : 1819791
                          ATK : 277498

                          Third Team(4T all)
                          Spirits of Slaughter+Druantia
                          HP : 543189
                          ATK : 508443


                          • #43
                            Celestials + Divine Intervention

                            Vambrael T4 ( 8 Card )
                            Azarel T4 ( 8 Card )
                            Arabel the True T4 ( 8 Card )
                            Guardian Angel T3 ( 4 Card )

                            League of the Damned

                            Ossion the Dread T4 ( 8 Card )
                            Morbius the Cursed T4 ( 8 Card )
                            Vortigern T2
                            Jez. The Shriek T4 ( 7 Card )


                            War T3 ( 4 Card )
                            Weapon Master T2
                            Veteran Paladin T1
                            Death T4 ( 8 Card )

                            Max Stats: 857290/223284


                            • #44
                              Originally posted by Hoesang View Post
                              First Team(4T all)
                              Golden Force
                              HP : 2049719
                              ATK : 156073

                              Second Team(4T all)
                              Eternal Evil+Ice Overlord
                              HP : 1819791
                              ATK : 277498

                              Third Team(4T all)
                              Spirits of Slaughter+Druantia
                              HP : 543189
                              ATK : 508443

                              Your eternal evil combo is weak if u say u have all cards t4 unless you didnt pe them all. Did u 4 card vamb the fallen? Because im pushing almost stats better than that with a 3 card t3 ice maw and my 4 car t3 vamb fallen


                              • #45
                                First team is gods combo
                                T4 pe vamb
                                T4 pe Rhiannon
                                T4 pe horned lord
                                T4 pe megion

                                1.4 mill hp
                                131k atk

                                Second is eternal evil

                                T4 pe valrakk
                                T4 pe ossion
                                T3 3 card icemaw
                                T3 pe vamb fallen(only one on my realm with him t3)

                                1.4 mill hp
                                243k atk

                                Forgot combo names

                                T4 corradin the spear
                                T4 pe vortigern
                                T4 pe broom
                                T4 pe bron

                                1.03 mill hp
                                431k atk

                                That is my main party I have to other parties I use to..those stats are about right I will post exact stats shortly