My name is gary smith i play heroes of camelot regularly. the reasons im writing you is as follows. Number one i am dis satisfied with your choices when it comes to the game i know and love. I can understand you like to keep the game competitive and fun for everyone but here lately the game has sucked. First thing you did that was wrong because im sure you had alot of people crying on game was lower icelords proc so that it only works once in awhile. Recently you also lowered the proc rate fgor my insta kill combo with valrekk. Was the point in the game to have the biggest deck and who can buy the most cards, or spend the most money? I would like things go back to the way they were i used 1000s of mana pots farminf valrekk and icelord and for what? So that i can get beat by every other player in the game. fix it!!! Second i farm my bosses with a regular deck. i dont have durst mac erp and your reflection combo. How the heck am i suppose to farm morganna or compete when she has 191 million hp. that would take me around 30 pots a fight and the drop percentages arent that good for me to do that. im on this game 6 to 7 hours a day and have spent 1000s you need to improve gameplay make procs more active and not make the game about who has the biggest deck. This is a great game and whats the point in having cards with abilities that never work. please fix this. My game name is soul cry and im in percival 27.