Quickly to the point: guild managers and leaders can contribute their own charms and gold either to the guild itself or to spread it out during raid to beginners.

after playing this game for 4 month I realized when I first started out each and every single card was helpful. But after playing and having a deck higher then 500k hp and 150k attack there is no need for charms any more. Gold yes, but still not so much, but charms are useless. Some time later me and my friend decided to start a guild together in Arthur-21 (Guinepigs) we dont recruit, but the guild is free to join. Nobody strong has joined, but a few novices did. I think it would be motivating for the newer players to participate if the guild they are in provided them with something. So I put 20k charms of my own, whoever fights will receive a portion of that depending on their raid contribution. This will help out newer players and a way for older players with charms and gold just sitting there to utilize it in a beneficial productive way.
hope other members of the community can contribute with other ideas and give feedback on this one.

other ideas which Kabam wont agree that were already mentioned, but never implemented by Kabam are use charms in arenas instead of tickets.
Maybe use it to enter tower floor(many improvements needed there atm, so I am not going to talk about that, there is another post regarding that), a shop like the exchange place for charms though (there you can put something crazy lets say 100k for a 4* chest, 500k charms for a 5* chest, and even 5kk charms for a 6* chest) This will still have us roaming and questing more and utilize the useless charms somehow

My last remark would be with achievements, I love it, something about it, makes me want to try to do it (and me wasting my first earned gems on a champion summon resulting in 1 5* lol). With that said the achievements are too dry, for devoted addicts and other HOCkheads more achievements with stone prizes would be really nice, say Max level X# of 4*,5*,6*, max level all 1*, create a full healer team (have 3 healing combos in ur deck) and win 10 arena battles, idk make it interesting, be creative, it is the little things that make us play the game and I love it when I finished a challenge and still hope for rolling a 1 during raid so I can cross that one off my list =)

Your turn guys