Instead of running around to all the threads about this issue I will be merging all your post onto this one.

To recap all of my posts on this issue here is official response to this error:

There was a error with chest description that was a bit misleading. This has been updated.

The chest may not be showing up in your inventory. We are aware and trying to solve this issue. The chest are tied to your account, you have not lost them nor have we taken them from you.

If the text is still wrong, please restart your game. If this does not correct the issue please wait for your server to receive the update. (Apparently the higher your server number the longer you have to wait i.e. Arthur -1, Lancelot-2, Merlin-3, etc.)

If you would your gems granted back to you because of the misleading text submit a ticket under either 'Other Game Issues" or "Loading/Crashing Issues" not "Payments and Billing."
Support will remove the chests from your inventory (whether you can see them or not) and will put those gems back onto your account.

We apologize for this error and are working to resolve it asap.

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