I don't want to make a complaining post, but i know some parts will sound like that.

- First, i'm starting to get sick about summoning. Its, for me, the best parT of the game, but every time that we have a summon storm i get upset. I know sometimes people have 2 bad summon storms but then another 2 good ones, but the past 5 or 6 summon storms have been crap for me. I really dont know what to do, i've tried looking at the recent list, throwing all the ss together, throwing in packs, bad result always.

- Second, one of the facts that causes this is probably 5* x3. I don't claim it should be removed, its quite important for loads of players, but what we could have is a mix summon storms types, where are those 6* x5?

- Third, i'm quite happy about this event, the chance of getting a nice card, a bit better ss drop rate, but i think it should be higher (Yes, its kinda complain, sorry guys ), sometimes you get 2ss out of 3 pots and other no ss in 20. Im conting my ss average drop rate and i miss galahad event, and more the previous ones (talking about ss). Another suggestion is to create more variety. Aaron said months ago that each event is different, well, not now, now they look all the same (Just a suggestion!). Maybe the chance to get a 6* while exploring again, more chests, and a bit crazy idea of the chance to get whle exploring a random 6*, you know, some people get Totem, others hope, maybe war. Why is it crazy? Bceause some people already have some or many 6* cards finished, but for sure everyone would enjoy this!.

Pd: Excuse my English