The wandering boss's atk/hp =0.1, is similar to the event boss in easy mode. The refect combo is still good in fighting the boss.

I only have 35% damage reflect combo. Combining it with Necros/Father Maleficient and assume their revival rate has 50% chance, each fight I can take around 0.1*0.35*1.5=5.25% of the total hp of the boss. So usually less than 20 fights I will defeat the wandering boss. In terms of mana cost, this deck will only need around 5 mana pots if I have 235 total mana. Without this combo, I need more than double the times and pots to defeat the boss.

If you have both the 45% and 35% damage reflect combos, you are lucky and can defeat the boss around 10 fights. But the mana cost doesn't have too much difference.