I feel like recently the game has made a big shift in the way it's handling arenas and free to play players. I feel like the game team has lost the difference between resources and prizes.

Prizes are something that can potentially make the game (your deck in this case) easier for you. These are items or potential items that are the cornerstone of becomeing a better player ( or bigger deck)

Resources are something needed to compete for and collect those prizes. Things that can't make you better on their own but are used to get things to make you better

For example

Prizes ss gems chests cards 5* or better

Resources arena tix tokens scrolls and POTIONS

Recently resources have taken the main stage in arenas . More potions than ever before and tickets galore. Problem is they replaced the prizes. Now unless there is an event city there is vey limited prizes available to get better(even city events drop less and less now)

If we had a city event weekly I think the resource grind would be more important and rewarding. But playing for three weeks just to collect potions for an event and only getting prizes maybe 1 time a month is boreing.

No better example than new fire token arena. Only 1 person will win a true prize in every realm. Otherwise some young decks will finish their Bennu and everyone else ... go back to collecting resources

This fire token arena is 2700x worse than last one even if you don't count the 6* cards and ss and chests

Actually infinite be sure not even 1 gem is given out for the person who played your game the most ... Not very appreciative