We have all seen in chats and forums many players wondering about when the next city event is. After a mini game with worse payouts on prizes than seen before, multiple pot arenas causing most players to climb well above 1k or more mana and stam (im sittin at more than enough to keep me busy all event) and now a summon package on sale for Arthur the young which we all expected to see in an event first.
After the last event a problem arose. Players, for one, learned how to stock mana and hit event bosses. We see that from the rise of players getting those cards more than earlier events. Also the issue of reflect has arisen giving the few lucky enough to have it a higher chance of getting the card. Wether you have reflect or no and wether u think it should be changed is not the point of this forum so please do not clog it with hate for ice overlord or reflect. We all know the issue behind them.
What we see now is Kabam relizes through smarter playing and reflect the sale of boss cards are not secure cause more free one are going out more than ever. The easy solution they have come up with? You are seeing it with the sale of an Arthur the young pack. They are now starting to sale the new top cards on the gem market before releasing the city event it drops from for free.
Even if this package is avalible for 24-48 hrs pre event its an obvious move to increase sales through the purchasing base of players rather than the larger group who play.
Using this as an example and including the nerf of the pot arena (about 30% less pots than usual if u didnt notice), the abysmal storm we just had and a general draw down in "freebies" you see a blatant pattern of a ramp up in the need to spend. In just a matter of a few weeks. Have you all noticed non event cities no longer drop stones? I used to be able to dump 20 stam on uthers or another lvl for gold or tokens and see at least 1 stone in every 2-3 pots. Since the update and maitenece shutdown we have seen these nerfs and continue to see many more daily with each new arena or offer.
One thing that makes me happy? Kabam is feeling the pressure. On multiple servers I have seen my guild go from spending ajd having several guild gift chests daily to have almost no chests day after day except the first free one. Be smart and stand firm. Dont be lured in to biting on these attempts to turn this into a "free to dowload but pay-to-play game