Maybe next year give out some kind of freebie or event before running all these Xmas promotion gem boosters.

In my realm everyone is upset that kabam is acting like a grinch and takeing advantage of the gift card season. They all feel slighted that they need to pay for their gifts

I am sure you have something in store for us tommorow but just so you can see the phsyco logical diffrerence in giving a gift before asking us for all of our money.....

And also maybe if you gunna have holiday sales actuall make it a sale ... 5$ for 1 chance is radiculous when the chance is almost 50/50 if I spend 100$... Make things 1$ and watch how much more people spend ( that's 70 gems if you can't do math, hint hint why the makeup chests do so well they are only 75 cents each)