Last year at this time we had log-in rewards we had a City Event we had arenas that matched up to holiday season and we had some good pack promos that were cheaply priced but had big payouts and the app had a Christmas look! This year nothing, have we not been loyal to the game and Kabam? I for one would like to know what is the deal, have we truly been put on the shelf to rot into nothingness? I really hope not! I really hope something changes before everyone leaves! It's already dead in our server, sad especially after playing this game so long and investing so much. Yea get a life, there's more to life then a mobile game but some of us have been here from the start and believe this game has so much potential if they would just pay more attention and all get on the same page! This is a challenge Kabam! Show us something! Show us that this game is very much alive and will have a future. Because right now you have a lot of fans worried!