Hello smash and the all of the kabam team. First I want to say thank you for helping us with error 1002 and returning safely our accounts. We do complain a lot because of bugs, bad promos, etc but this time...I persanaly say THANK YOU for helping.
Second, it would be great if you reward us for this error 1002. Why? Many people where in the fight for ranks in castle siege and lost their position because of this error 1002 which was not our fault. Many like me weren't able to play for 2 days. I personally wanted to buy at least 60 make up chest but because of this error I counld not and its the 3rd in a row that I missed because of bad timeing. Please consider rewarding us because of this error 1002.
And again thank you very much for restoring our accounts. God bless and may the game continue!!!!